(©Arandil Elenion 2004)


Eresse Tol-Eresseasse,
Lillassea lótesse pella,
Ar esce lisceo, ar lasse
I hessa hlapula menello.

Arinya losse or lord 'aire
Fifíruva wilyasse hiswa,
Ar tiruvalye olor aire
Enyalien i vanwa iswa.

Ar erumesse hiruvalye
I metya harma sa haryalye:
I hesin yenion, alasse -
Eresse Tol-Eresseasse.


To Ninquelda

Loneliness at the Lone Island,
Beyond the many-leafed spring,
And rustle of reed, and leaf
Dry, flying from the sky.

In the morning - snow over the sleeping sea
Will melt in misty air,
And you will see a holy dream
For recalling lost knowledge.

And in desert will you find
The last treasure you possess:
Winter of years, happiness -
Loneliness at the Lone Island.