(©Chris McMahon 1976)

Watchers guard the entrance to the never-ending spiral
Leading on till you reach the mountain side
We've journeyed through many lands, and many things we've seen
But never have we known such a time

The gates of our homeland are closed forever more
By the evil which lurks deep inside
Many times we've tried, and many times we've failed
To take back what once was our own

Then from afar came the message of war throughout the land
Offers of allegiance to the great and our clan
So we came to you our friends for counsel in this dark time
Of war we have no wish, just need peace of mind

And so they spoke deep in the night of many things long past
And answered many things long forgotten
But the light of the western world was darkened as they spoke
And the darkness weighed heavy on all those there

Looking to the West, many wished to return
But what ship would bear us 'cross a wider sea
And in a dream I saw a lone figure standing proud
In the moonlight on top of the stair

And I heard the crushing waves upon the western shore
And I wished to leave this land of darkness, hate and war
Fly across the sea, seek and we may find
But the darkness it grows deeper for those who know our time

His stronghold in our fair woods has long since been destroyed
But the evil still lingers on
When the evening draws on, then the feasting ends
Then his memory still lasts till the morn

Till the morn..

When the shadow blocked the sun, spreading terror and death
The king fell out on the field
But the creature was slain, and the battle renewed
When the Dead came to honor their oath

The king rode forth and the enemy withdrew
Before gleaming Andúril forged anew
The tide of battle turned, and that host did retreat
All alone and forlorn they faced defeat

Midst the blood and fire of battle a cone of light shines down
Down from the white magician's hand
And above the cries of battle there's a stillness in the air
Far above the eagles flying high

Won't you please fly high...
Fly high...
Fly high...

Wow! This is a brilliantly crafted song. Notice how the lyrics divide equally into three stanza groups, each describing the experience of exile and/or loss suffered by each of the Free Peoples: Dwarves, Elves and Men. (The seventh stanza forms a kind of transition, still dealing with the Elves, but this time those of Middle-earth, rather than the Noldorin exiles.) Musically, the third stanza of each group is treated differently to reflect the distinctive personality of each people. Wow. This is officially one of my top ten Tolkien-inspired songs, right up there with Rush's "Necromancer."

Cellar Replayed (CD 2000) [Cyclops Records]

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