(ŠLammoth 2009)

Deep in thoughts and deep in boiling heat
Sits the Lord of Dark on his high yet trembling seat

Should he bow his head before the king
Should he strike with power of the ring

Over the stormy sea to the shore
Fleets of battleships going to war
Proudly their banners fly proud's their choir
Fools they're not aware pride is their fall

Splendor and victory, fire and gore
No one can oppose them (their) might must adore
Master of Mordor land kneels and crawls
Without a single strife reaches his goal

No more doubts his plans are ripe and done
With the subtlety not with arms this game be won

Let little people blow
Sauron will deal with them later
Disarmed enemy within
Is much more deadly
Than armies outside the walls

Slowly, slowly, poisoning their mind
Deeper, deeper, sinking to the slime
Growing, growing seeds of bitter woe
Never, never, underrate your foe
In the Dark Lord's mind sounds glory rhyme
All is ready and so final victory victory's mine

Who is loser and who is the king
Who is master and who is the fink