(ęDon Madison 2005)


Artist Comment: "The basic concept of the tune is based on the Battle for Minas Tirith, which takes place on Pelennor Fields, between the massive armies of Mordor and the out numbered army of Gondor. The city is ultimately doomed, until they are aided by the Rohirrim of Rohan, who ride head on into the ranks of Sauron's forces. I'd hoped that the various elements of the tune would reflect some of the characters & scenes that were shown in the movie version. (I had to go by that, since it's been years since I actually read the whole book! LOL) For the beginning, I wanted a erie, haunting horn-like noise to go over the heavy plodding riff, to emulate the sound of the oncoming Haradrim & Mumakils, with their horns echoing in the distance, over the fields. The subsequent themes are meant to portray the charge of the Rohirrim, the slaying of the Witch King and the appearance of Aragorn with the Army of the Dead....blah blah...yadda yadda. LOL"