(©Mordoroth 2010)

There it was an impressive arch
At the feet of the mountain range
Jaws of thirst standing guard
So full of Morgoth's rage
O woe-begotten spirit, fall now into dark oblivion
And forget for a while the dreadful doom of life
A throne upheld by horror,
lit by fire of agony
Filled with death and torment
Now lovely minstrel, sing for me
I'm Luthien, I offer thee
A simple song your Majesty
Lord of the dark, thy will be done
Cover the earth, with your evil shroud (embrace)
Suck all the living into your dark abyss
And with all your might, put a slumber upon them
An eternal flame, a shining light, a Silmaril…
burned in my hand, run for the gate, Tinuviel
daughter of twilight, Jaws of thirst, is wide awake
This light that shines, will blind your eyes, let us
The eyes of the wolf were ablazed
As the spirit within him awoke
The jaws of thirst open wide
And he bit off the hand at its wrist
Now his inwards aflamed
The Silmaril seared his insides
In pain he fled far away
With a Silmaril hidden inside