(©.NEMA 1998)

Far below the deepest delvings,
Expedience the world it gnaws.
Deceivers deceive the deceiving.
Anvil wrought. Barriers set, untold unseen.
A weariness in the heart begins forsaking.
Where the will wants not a way opens.
We must away ere break of day.
To find what was long forgotten.
Enforce the mundane.
Birth the obscene, repeat the same.
Words from forked tongues have no meaning. Aii!


Many sorrows befall, returned beyond all hope.

Which might be lies is what is sought.
Covetous thoughts control our worth.
Greed. Corruption lured aside.
Designed with words to help you deny.
Burdened with time by words that we've bought.
Treacherously idle as good sense revolts.
Muster, awaken to all that is known.
Yet still we continue to bring our curses home.

The title of this song is taken from Chapter 1 of The Hobbit, where Thorin explains his quest for vengeance against Smaug to Bilbo: "'we still mean to get it back, and to bring our curses home to Smaug—if we can'" (p. 29). This is not what this song is about, however. As a matter of fact, virtually every word is taken from some passage of LotR or, more specifically, from card titles based on those phrases drawn from Iron Crown Enterprises' Middle-earth Collectible Card Game. Matthias Weeks (.NEMA's guitarist) is an aficionado of the card game and has an e-zine, When You Know More, devoted to it.

Bring Our Curses Home (CD 1998) [a compilation of the title LP plus other releases]