(©Repulsion 1986)

Nine slaves of death - Trapped in eternal hell
Kill you with their breath - If you catch a smell
You've all will to live - Losing death
You are doomed to die - Smell the reapers of death

Fevered and delirious - Despairing dreams
Black shadow haunting you - It never leaves
Now you begin to feel unrelenting pain
Before your life is through your gone insane

Stiffening of the joints, death creeps in
Flesh is turning blue, the end begins
Screaming endlessly, until your death
Certain death comes at last
From the black breath

The album on which this song was originally to be released was entitled "Slaughter of the Innocents" (LP 1986) [Wyatt Earp Records]. However, the release never took place. In 1989, the material was picked up by Necrosis Records and released under its current title.
Artist Comment: "The second to last song written before we went into the studio and the only song on the record with no blast beats! Regardless, the song still grinds. Lyrically inspired by the deadly Nazguls from Lord of the Rings. While I'm very proud of this song, see ENTOMBED's version to hear how heavy it could have been with better production values."

Horrified (double CD 2003) [Relapse Records]

Other Recordings
Live 5/14/86 (LP 1986)
Out of Hand (CD 1994) [Earache] [performed by ENTOMBED