(İThe Ring 2004)

The air is cool and clear when we are gathered here
to find the answers to questions asked
Midgard is standing on the brink of destruction
There's no escape it must unite us all

I was there so long ago along with the weakened king
At the crack of fire where it once was made
This opportunity he let it slip away
Is still the reason for this baneful gold

Can't you see it's a gift, we are all the foes of darkness
Let's use it with its strength, surely that would bring Him down

No, this one you cannot wield - no one of us can
It turns your good intentions around
It leaves only one choice - a road hard unforeseen
We must return it to the fire it once came

This threat can't be undone by any power we possess here
This failure must be redeemed in the boiling fires of doom

I'll take the gold through peril land, weak as I am
I will surrender to my task
I'll face the dangers you´ve foreseen, but for me yet unknown
I'll go though I do not know the way

Now here is a resolution of what must come to be
You'll have companions to walk with you
A fellowship of hope - each race will be included here
Wizards, dwarfs, elves and man will help you see your mission through

Wisdom and the brave will be your guide through peril lands
You all go freely with no oath will bind you to this quest

With you we send our prayers, hallowed be thy name