Although this web site is concerned primarily with Tolkien-inspired music, the search for Middle-earth references in songs inevitably leads to encounters with Tolkien-inspired band names and other marginalia. The discovery of such names might as well be documented. I have arranged this section more or less in the same format as the discography, boldfacing names that relate to Middle-earth. Band/album names already listed in the discography are not repeated here.

There are innumerable lacunae in this laundry list and very likely some errors as well. In many cases I am not even certain whether a given band has not recorded any Tolkien-inspired songs. If it can be shown that they have, I will naturally move them to the discography. If anyone can help fill in the blanks or offer corrections, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

1420 (MILCUATROVEINTE) (Argentina) - prog

ACCURSED YEARS (UK) - black metal

ACID ICE FLOWS (USA) - darkwave/goth
project of Gollum
Dol Guldur (CDR 2001) [One Ring Records]
Angbad (CD 2003) [One Ring Records]
Utumno (CD 2005) [One Ring Records]

ADUNAKHOR (USA) - neofolk

AEGLOS (Spain) - ?

AERE AETERNUS (Italy) - dark ambient
Lammoth (demo ?)

AGARWAEN (Finland) - black metal

AGARWAEN (Switzerland) - black metal

AGARWAEN DAGORLAD (Mexico) - power metal

AGHAN AND THE PUKEL-MEN (Australia) - punk

AIGLOS (Serbia) - metal

AINUR (Brazil) - black metal

AINUR (Colombia) - prog power metal

AKALLABETH (Poland) - death metal

AKALLABETH (USA) - gothic doom metal

AMON DIN (UK) - space rock
early '70s project of John Lingwood, Dave Anderson, Huw Lloyd Langton and John Butler (ex-HAWKWIND/AMON DUUL)

AMON HEN (Hungary) - electro/grind/goth rock

AMON HEN (Spain) - gothic death metal [reformed as RUNIC]

AMON OLORIN FLUTES (USA) - native american flutes

AMON SUL (France) - black metal

ANARIÕN (Germany) - black metal

ANATHORN (Slovakia) - metal
Lorien (CD 2003)

ANCALAGON (France) – hardcore
Ancalagon (demo 1991)

ANCALAGON (France) – viking metal
First Age: Entering Legenda (CD 2002)

ANCALAGON (?) - recording label.

ANDUIN (?) - ?
project of Christian Alvestam et al

ANDUIN (USA) - electronic: ambient

ANGBAND (Chile) - black metal

ANGBAND (Iran) - power metal

ANGMAR (Finland) - black metal

ANGMAR (Sweden) - ?

ANGMAR (?) - experimental electronic [renamed GELGOLETH]

ANGMAR (?) - black metal zine

ANGRENOST (Portugal) – black metal

ANGRIST (Greece) - death metal

ANGRIST (Italy) - black metal

ANGRIST (Germany) - freestyle rock

ANGRIST LEGION (Indonesia) - black metal


ANNATAR (Netherlands) - symphonic dark metal

ANNON VIN (Germany) - technical prog metal
A New Gate (CD 1996)

ANÔRIÈN (France) - jazz
Sable Ou Alors (CD ?) [Collectif Ishtar]
La règle des 3 (CD ?) [Ektic]

AR-PHARAZON MUSIC (Australia) - rock

ARAGORN (?) - ? [traxinspace]

ARAGORN (UK) - metal
ARAGORN (South Africa) - metal [renamed STRYDER]

ARAGORN (Germany) - black metal


ARAGORN BALLROOM (USA) - concert hall

ARANRÚTH (Denmark) - black metal
project of Hugin (Alex Wieser, member of HROSSHARGRASNI)
Aranrúth (demo-CD 1998) [?]

ARATHORN (Germany) – symphonic black metal
Niemals Koroenender Als was Einst War (CD 1997) [Folter Records]

ARCANA LITURGIA (Italy) - electronic
Ars Moriendi (tape 1998) [self-released]
The release was dedicated to J.R.R. Tolkien.

ARGONATH (Argentina) - melodic death metal


ARWEN (UK) - garage

ARWEN (Spain) - symphonic metal

ARWEN MOUNTAIN (USA) - bluegrass
Five of a kind (LP 1977) [Chelsea House]

ASGAROTH (Spain) – black metal

The Lay of Leviathan (CDR 2003)

ASPHYXIA (?) - ?
project of Arathorn et al

ATHELAS (Japan) - rock


AVARI FIRIEL (France) - house

AVATHAR (Germany) - black metal

AVATHAR (UK) - black metal

AVATHAR (Venezuela) - metal

AVATHAR (Ireland) – black metal

AVATHAR (Norway) - black metal
Black Magician Kings (CD 1996) [?]
Chronicles Over Druig (demo 1997) [?]


B BOY BAGGINS (USA) -drum and bass, house, breakbeat, trance

Recording studio in Alum Rock, Birmingham.


Recording label.

Recording equipment.

BAGGINS & FOP (?) - ?
Party Time (12" ?) [Union Jack/Crosstrax]

BAGSHOT ROW (USA) - rock'n'row [power pop]
"A band from Chicago, from the the mid 70's has reformed and is currently performing with all original members. The bass player (nicknamed Bilbo) was a huge fan of Tolkien and turned on a community to Middle Earth. He was once given an F in his freshman year in high school on a book report of The Hobbit. 'Book reports on nursery stories would not cut it in high school,' he was told. By his senior year, The Hobbit was required reading. This band, originally formed in the mid 70's, parted ways, but 26 years later, destined to reform, for it was written: One of the first things done in Hobbiton, even before removal of the Old Mill, was the clearing of the Hill and Bag End, and the restoration of Bagshot Row."

BAGSHOT ROW (USA) [Omaha, NE] - punk
"Bagshot Row is an early 90's style punk. Why this name? Because we're a bunch of nerds..."

BAGSHOT ROW (USA) [Utah] - punk

BAGSHOT ROW (USA) [St. Louis] - ?

BALLROGG (Norway) - jazz
Ballrogg (CD 2009) [Bolage]

BALROG (Sweden) - metal

BALROG (Belarus) - black metal

BALROG (Argentina) - thrash metal
Balrog (CD 2013) [self-released]

BALROGH RECORDS (Brazil) - recording label

BARAD-DUR (Germany) - black metal

Gimli Der Zwerg (CD ?) [?]

BARON WILDERNESS (?) - satire/parody
New LOTR Music CD
  • Weathertop Rock
  • The Green, Green Grass of Rivendell
  • Hey Big Spider
  • Dont Go Breaking my Horn - by Borimir
  • Oops, I hid it again - by Bilbo Baggins
  • You Shall Not Pass *itch - by Hot DAWGandalf
  • Temptation - Heaven 17 and Galadriel
  • Orc this Way - by Lurtz and The Fighting Urukhai
  • Everybody Hurts.. but it is not our choice, we must do our best - by Gandalf
  • The Final MountDoom - by Sam and Europe
  • Eowyn-d of Change - by Faramir and the Gondorians
  • Dont Let Poor Sam, Go Down To Bree - George Michael Delving
  • Ring of Fire - by Sauron
  • A Day in a Ranger - by Arwen
  • Balrog around the Clock - by Buddy Holly and Pals (Orcs mostly)
  • I Would Do Anything For Love, but I wont throw the ring into the fire - Frodo and Meatloaf
  • Rainy Days and Mordor Always Get Me Down - by Sam and The Carpenters
  • Regulators - by Witch King and the Ringwaiths (TM)
  • Sting - by Frodo and..... Sting
  • Ar-When I fall in Love - by Aragorn and the Rangers
  • Under Precioussss - By Queen, Bowie and Smeagol

    THE BARROW DOWNS (Denmark) - ?
    project of Simon M. Friborg
    [releases unknown] [Aren Promotion Productions]

    LEE BARRY (USA) - prog
    Creatures of Hobbit (CD 1994) [?]

    BELEGOST (USA) - black metal

    BELEGOST (Poland) - folk metal

    BELERIAND (Latvia) – ambient synth music

    BELERIAND (Argentina) - ?

    BELTHIL (Poland) - black metal

    BEYOND THE GATES OF MORDOR (USA) - experimental

    BILBO (Netherlands) - synth-pop

    Saturday Nite (single? 1974) [?]
    It's a shame/Please Sir (single 1976) [Polydor Records]
    Back Home/What's goin' on (single ?) [?]

    BILBO BAGGINS (Scotland) - pop [renamed BILBO]

    BILBO BAGGINS (?) – techno

    BILBO BAGGINS (USA) - flute

    BILBO BAGGINS (USA) - funk/punk

    BILBO BAGGINS (Canada) - punk and indie rock covers

    BILBO BAGGINS (Poland?) - ?
    Impaled sodom (tape ?)
    live 07.12.96r.Miedzychód (tape 1996)
    live 05.12.97r.Miedzychód (tape 1997)

    BLACK MORIA (Germany) - death metal

    BLUE WIZARDS CULT (?) - satire/parody
  • Towers On Flame
  • NA-262
  • Golden Age of Byrnies
  • Fire of Secret Origin
  • Les Valar
  • Istari
  • Blue Wizards Cult
  • I Am The Tom You Warned Of
  • The Siege and Investiture of Denethor's Tower of the Watch
  • In The Presence Of A Further West
  • Shadowfax
  • Ring of Illusion

    BOB AND THE HOBBITS (USA) - eclectic rock
    project of Scott Taylor (AKA: HOUND)

    BOMBADIL (UK) - prog [pseudonym of BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST]
    Breathless/When The City Sleeps (45" 1972) [Harvest]

    BOMBADIL (USA) - folk pop

    Panama City Beach, Florida.

    BOMBADILLO (USA) - indie rock festival

    THE BOMBADILS (Canada) - folk

    IAIN BOUD (New Zealand) - dance book
    The Lord of the Ring Collection (?) [?]

    BRAINDEAD (Switzerland) - metal
    Aglarond (demo-CD 1997) [self-released]


    CARACH ANGREN (Netherlands) - black metal

    CARADHRAS (Germany) - [renamed DRACONIS SANGUIS]

    CARCHAROTH (Sweden) - death metal

    CARCHAROTH (Hungary) - black metal

    CARCHAROTH (Spain) - black metal

    CARCHAROTH (USA) - death metal
    Death metal magazine.


    CELEBORN (Sweden) - metal
    Metal North (CD 1993) [Massproduktion]

    CLUB VALINOR (Croatia) - techno/rap/turntable

    COBALT LONDON SMAUG (USA) - alternative

    CREBAIN (Sweden) - ?


    DAEDELOTH (Poland) - black metal

    DAGORLAD (Belgium) - dark atmospheric metal

    DAGORLAD (Finland) - folk

    DAGORLAD STUDIOS (France) - recording studio

    DARK AEGLOS SODOMIZATION (Poland) - black metal

    DARK MORDOR (Slovak Republuc) - death metal

    DEAD MORGOTH (Mexico) - metal

    Not All Who Wander Are Lost (CD 2009) [Casket Music]

    DENETHOR (Netherlands) – black metal

    DJ MELIAN (Spain) - electronic

    DJ MORDOR (Spain) - electronic

    DJ MORGOTH (Germany) - electronic

    DI NAZGUL (Bulgaria) - black metal

    DIMHOLT (Bulgaria) - black metal

    DJ FRODO (Germany) - ?

    DJ LUTHIEN (Switzerland) - electronic

    DJ SMAUG (USA) - electronic

    DOL AMROTH (Italy) - electronic: ambient
    The First Lake (CD 2006) [Registrazioni e Suoni]

    DOL GULDUR (Finland) - death metal

    DOR DAEDELOTH (Netherlands) - metal

    DOR DAEDELOTH (France) - black metal

    DRAUG (Norway) - black metal

    DRAUG (Sweden) - black metal

    DRAUG (USA) - death metal

    DRAUG (Unknown) - ambient black metal

    DRAUGLUIN (USA) - black metal

    DRAUGWATH (Russia) – black metal [renamed INTO THE PENTAGRAM]

    DRENGIST (?) - webzine

    DRUADÁN (Spain) - folk
    Druadán (CD 2002) [La Voz De Galicia]

    DUNEDAIN (Spain) - world/ethnic

    DUNGEONS DEEP RECORDS (USA) - black metal

    DUNGORTHEB (France) - death metal

    DUNGORTHEB (Russia) - black metal

    DUNHARROW MUSIC (Canada) - publishing and distribution label

    DURANDAL (France) – white power metal

    DURIN'S BANE (USA) - prog
    project of Dr. William C. Russell et al

    DURTHANG (Sweden) - black metal

    DWALIN (Chile) – prog
    The Green Book (CD 1999)

    E'A'RENDIL (Japan) - metal

    JULIA ECKLAR (USA) - filk
    Brandywine (CD ?)

    EDAIN (Czech Republic) - prog death metal

    EDGE OF MIRKWOOD MUSIC (USA) - musical instrument repair

    EDHELS (France) - symphonic prog
    Apparently an attempt to pluralize Edhel ("Elf"). The correct plural would be Edhil (as in Ost-in-Edhil).

    EITHEL SIRION (France) - black metal

    EKKAIA (Spain?) - grindcore

    EL PEQUEÑO SAURON (Spain) - rock

    ELBERETH (Spain) – gothic doom metal
    "...and Other Reasons" (CD 1995) [?]

    ELDAR (Italy) - nationalist

    ELEDHEL (Czech Republic) - black metal

    ELENDIL (France) - indie rock
    Chants de colza (CD 1998) [Memorial Records]

    ELESSAR (USA) – metal
    Defy the King (EP ?)

    THE ELFSTONE (USA) - psychedelic
    Louisiana Teardrops/Beat The Clock (single 1968) [World Pacific]

    ELFSTONE (?) – fantasy/demo

    ELFSTONE (USA) - rock
    Story of Antavio (CD 2003) [self-released]

    ELROND (Germany?) - ?

    ELROND'S CUPBOARD (?) - mixed/eclectic, cutting edge grooves, electronic trip hop

    ELROND'S HOUSE (Germany) - sound studio

    ELWING (Greece) - power metal
    Immortal Stories (CD 2002) [Cult Metal Classics]

    EMERALD ROSE (USA) - celtic
    Songs for the Night Sky (CD 2004) [self-released]
    "This cd is a commemorative limited edition dedicated to the producers, cast and crew of Peter Jackson's stunning "Lord of the Rings" cinematic masterpiece. Emerald Rose is proud to provide entertainment for the at the "Return of the King" oscars' cast party, and to present this limited edition cd to party participants."

    ENEDWAITH (?) - true dark metal

    EOWYN (France) - irish music
    project of Eric Lavarec, Gaëlle Lavarec, Sarah Groves, Erwann Jézéquel
    Eowyn (CD ?) [Keltia Musique]

    EOWYN (USA) - christian rock

    EPHEL DUATH (Italy) - black metal
    Opera (demo 1998) [self-released]
    Phormula (CD 2000) [code666]

    EPHEL DUATH (France) - ambient [now the TALIESANS BARDS ORDER]

    ERECH (USA) - christian folk rock

    ERED (Spain) - black metal

    ERED (Belgium) - metal [formerly ERED LITHUI]

    ERED LITHUI (Belgium) - black metal
    ERED WETHRIN (USA) - black metal

    ERIADOR RECORDS (USA) - early music
    Recording label.

    ERU N THE VALAR (USA) - goth

    ESGAROTH (Greece) – black metal
    Dark Passion/Kingdoms of a Darker Side (split CD 1998) [Sempiternal Productions]

    ESGAROTH (Poland) - melodic doom/black metal
    Certificate Of Death (demo 1997)

    ESGAROTH (Norway) - black metal

    ESGAROTH (Italy) - prog
    project of Ivan Perugini

    ESTEL (Ireland) - indie

    ETERNAL HELCARAXE> (Ireland) - black metal

    ETHIR ANDUIN (Russia) - doom metal

    ETHRAID ENGRIN (Netherlands) - black metal

    ETTENMOOR (Finland) - black metal

    ETTENMOOR (Poland) - death metal

    EVENDIM (?) - ?
    project of Christian Alvestam et al

    EVERMIND (Columbia) - dark goth metal
    Inner Equillibrium (demo-CD 2001) [Debelis Records]

    EVERMIND (Sweden) - euro/trance

    EZGAROTH (Greece) - black metal
    D.C.L.X.V.I.: The Order (CD ?) [?]

    FACE (USA) - eclectic
    Mirrormere (tape 1994) [Omegaverse]

    FALLS OF RAUROS (USA) - black metal

    FANGORN (Russia) - rock?

    FANGORN (Sweden) - ?
    project of Marcus Andersson
    Platser Där Du Aldrig Varit (tape 1998) [self-released]

    FANGORN AUDIO/VIDEO (Russia) - ?
    Recording label?

    Theatrical sound design and composition team.

    Reflections in a Crystal Wind (LP 1965) [Vanguard Records]
    In the jacket notes, the artists write "What we'd like to do is thank [....] J.R.R. Tolkien for the flight of Frodo."

    FËANOR (Germany) - melodic metal

    FËANOR (France) - hard blues rock

    FËANOR (Argentina) - metal
    project of Gustavo Acosta et al
    Esto Es Para Vos (CD 2001) [self-released]

    FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING (Italy) - metal
    A Legend of the Elves (An Epic Rock Opera) (CD 2003)

    FEN HOLLEN (USA) - prog folk-rock
    Fen Hollen Sprouts (CD 1999?) [self-released]


    FLAMES OF UDUN (Germany) - [renamed DRACONIS SANGUIS]

    FLAMING DRAGONS OF MIDDLE EARTH (USA) - mud lightning metal

    FOO FIGHTERS (USA) - alternative rock
    More Maximum Foo Fighters: The Unauthorised Biography (CD 2005) [ORC]
  • The Road Goes Ever On [interview segment]

    FOR MORDOR (USA) - weirdness

    FORLORN (France) - black metal
    Lathspell (cassette 2014) [Hypogea Malificare]

    FORNOST (Germany) – black metal
    project of Draug and Thauron

    FREIE HORTE ALQUALONDE (Germany) - yiddish music
    Lomir Sich Iberbetn (LP 1985) [Thorofon]

    FRODE HOLM (Norway/USA) - ?
    Frodo CPU (CD 2000) [CPU Productions]

    FRODO (Afghanistan) - ?

    FROGMORTON (UK) - folk rock
    At Last (LP 1976) [Philips]

    FUNERAL WINDS (Netherlands) – black metal

    GALADHRIM (UK) - neofolk

    GALADRIEL (Spain) - neo-prog
    Muttered Promises From An Ageless Pond (LP 1988) [Mindchild Records]
    Chasing The Dragonfly (CD 1992) [Muséa Records]
    Mindscapers (CD 1997) [Muséa Records]

    GALADRIEL (UK) - folk
    Airborne (LP 1982) [?]

    GALADRIEL (Spain) - power metal

    GALADRIEL (France) - folk dance

    GALADRIEL (Austria) – new age
    project of Pippa Armstrong (associate of GANDALF)

    GALADRIEL (Australia) - blues/psychedelic rock
    Galadriel (LP 1971) [Polydor Records]

    GALADRIEL (Italy) - folk

    THE GALADRIEL ENSEMBLE (UK) - classical/contemporary flute and strings

    GALVORN (Germany) - black metal

    GALVORN (Bolivia) - black metal

    GANDALF (USA) – psychedelic
    Gandalf (LP 1968) [Capitol Records] Get It Here

    GANDALF (Sweden) - psychedelic
    Gandalf (LP 1977)

    GANDALF (Finland) – death rock
    Rock Hell (CD 2001) [Wicked World]

    GANDALF AND THE DREAMERS (?) - ? [source]


    GANDALF'S GOODBYE (Switzerland) - pop

    GATES OF MORIA (Germany) - death metal [renamed IRA TENAX]

    GAURHOTH (UK) - black metal

    GAURHOTH (Australia) - black metal

    GAURHOTH (Canada) - black metal

    GAVRHOTH (Italy) - black metal

    GHALADRIEL (Spain) - metal [now IN PENA]

    The One Before Last (CD 2000) [Bittersweet Records]
  • Sulk with Me
    ["This is the first song Fred ever played with us. We recorded it several different times, but this version has the best energy. A different version (featuring Jon's 'Middle Earth' guitar solo."]

    GILRAIN (Germany) - folk rock

    GILTONIEL (?) – prog rock

    GIMLI AND GLOIN (UK) - folk

    GIMLI BALROG (Sweden) - black metal

    GLAM GORTHAD (Germany) - black metal

    GLAMDRING (USA) - christian black metal

    GLOOMY GRIM (Finland) - symphonic black metal
    project of Morgoth et al

    GOLLUM (USA) - hard rock/psychedelic
    Desert Heat/Prayer Of Despair (45" 1974) [Kiderian Records Productions]

    GOLLUM (USA) - aggressive music
    Promise of Nightfall (CD ?) [?]

    GOLLUM (Sweden) - black metal

    THE GOLLUM EXPERIENCE XD (Australia) - black metal

    GOLLUM FRIENDS (Spain) - fusión/mestizo
    Nueva Teoria de la Comunicacion (demo 1994)[?]
    La maleta del Fugitivo (CD 1998) [Tralla Records]

    GONDOLIN (Germany) - multimedia opera
    project of Frank Niehusmann, Helge Haas and Jo WermterADVENT (Italy) - black metal

    GONDOLIN (Portugal) - electronic
    Vil Machine (CD 2003)[Corroios/Floyd Records]

    GONDOLIN (Poland) - rock/metal


    GONTYNA KRY (Poland) - aryan black metal
    project of Thargelion et al [or perhaps this name is meant to recall the Greek month of the same name]

    GORBALROG (Germany) – black metal
    Dor Firn-i-Guinar (demo 1995) [self-released]
    Nebelwald ["Mirkwood"?] (demo 1996) [self-released]
    Untergang (CD 1999) [?]

    GORTHAUR (Germany) black metal
    To Conquer Middle-Earth (demo 2003)

    GORTHAUR (Spain) – black metal

    GORTHAUR (Poland) - death metal

    GORTHAUR'S WRATH (Croatia/Germany) - black metal

    GOTHMOG (Austria) – black space metal
    We Fuck Your Brain (tape 1988) [self-released]
    Fat Moon Engine (tape 1989) [self-released]
    Melodius Volumeus Maximus (demo 1991) [self-released]
    Cosmic Brain Strip (demo 1990) [self-released]
    Stardust Go (demo 1990) [self-released]
    Void (CD 1994) [Dark Matter Records]
    Killa Ass (CD 1995) [Dark Matter Records]

    GOTHMOG (Norway) - nazi black metal

    GOTHMOG (USA?) - power metal?

    GRAY HAVEN (USA) - rock
    Southern Sky (CD 2004) [Mithlandriel Music]

    Used record shop.

    GREYFLOOD (?) - ?

    GROND (Poland) - medieval/keyboard music

    GROND (Sweden) - black metal

    GROND (Germany) - back metal
    Winterkrieger (CD 2000)

    GROND (Finland) - black metal
    Massacre (demo 1998)


    GURTHANG (Belgium) - eclectic barbarian metal [formerly ECLIPTICA]
    The Avenger (demo-CDR 2001)
    Gurthang Live (tape 2002) [Christcrusher Productions]
    The Irony of Death (CD forthcoming)

    THE HAIRY LEGGED LENTIL EATERS (South Africa) - rock, barn-dance & folk
    [title of release unknown] (CD ?) [3rd Ear Music]

    HALFLING THIEF (Greece) - medieval/folk/epic black metal
    The Legend of the Hidden Gem (demo-CD 1998) [self-released]

    THE HALFLINGS (USA) - punk

    HALL OF MANDOS (Finland) - black metal

    PEGGY HAMILTON (USA) - dance songs
    The Middle Earth Collection (dance book 2000) [Royal Scottish Country Dance Society]
  • Around the Party Tree
  • Bombadil, Maggot and Mushrooms
  • Brandywine Bridge
  • The Cat on the Fiddle
  • The Entwives
  • Evenstar
  • Galadriel's Mirror
  • The Green Dragon
  • The Lady of Lothlorien
  • The River Woman's Daughter
  • Rosie Cotton
  • A Shieldmaiden of the Rohirrim

    HARADWAITH (Belgium) - melodic death metal

    HARADWAITH (Germany) - black metal

    THE HEAD STOPS (Italy) - goth [formerly EPHEL DÙATH]

    HELCARAXE (Canada) - grim black art
    Grond - Cold Northern Epochs (demo ?) [?]

    HELEVORN (Spain) - gothic doom metal
    Prelude (demo-CD 2000) [self-released]

    HELM'S DEEP (USA) - alternative christian

    HELMS DEEP (USA) - black metal
    The Beginning (demo ?)

    HELMS DEEP (Canada) - melodic hard rock

    HELMS DEEP (Ireland) - rock
    project of Joyce et al

    BILL HICKS (USA) - stand-up comedy
    Live In Brighton (CD ?) [bootleg]
  • I'm Bilbo Hicks

    HINI QUENDI (France) - pop

    HIPPY_HIPPY_SHAKES (USA) - weirdness
    Smeagol (CD 2007)

    HIRILORN (France) - black metal

    HOBBIT (USA) - recording label

    HOBBIT (UK) - vocal percussion

    THE HOBBIT (USA) - garage
    [mid-'60s Phoenix, AZ, band]

    THE HOBBITS (UK) - ?
    project of Mark Rae et al

    THE HOBBITS (Canada) - folk trio
    project of Stanley Allison Rogers, Terri Olenick and Nigel Russell

    HOBBITS IN SPACE (Netherlands) - ?

    THE HOBBITS OF OLAF (UK) - prog cover

    HOUSE OF ELROND (?) - ?
    Recording label.

    The Lidless Eye (LP ?) [Magister Ludi]

    IF SAURON WON THE WAR (USA) - experimental

    ILLUIN (USA) - hardcore
    project of Reverend Skippy Colon

    IMLAD MORGUL (USA) - metal

    INFERNUM (Poland) - nazi black metal
    Taur-nu-Fuin (CD 1996) [Astral Wings]

    project of Kurt Valaquen[yar] et al

    IQUISTA FÍRIEL (Czech Republic) - doom metal

    ISENGARD (USA) - prog metal
    We Destruct the World (CD 1998) [Etched in Stone Records]

    ISENGARD (Poland) - [renamed EASTCLAN]
    Label/distro of Rob Darken (member of GRAVELAND).

    ISENNGARD (Mexico) - darkwave
    Nothing (CD 2001)
    Nocturne Intentions (CD 2001)

    ISIL SILMARIL (Taiwan) - electronic: symphonic

    ISILDUR (Sweden) - black metal
    Isildur (7" 1997) [WSR-records]

    ISTARI LASTERFAHRER (Germany) - hardcore

    ISTARI RHYTHM ENSEMBLE (USA) - world percussion
    project of Ed Contreras and Chad Johnson
    Istari (CD 2008) [Chadzillamusic]

    ITHIL MORWEN (Italy) - neofolk

    KHAZAD-DHUM (?) - black metal
    Blackest (CD 1996) [Mind Art Productions]

    KHAZAD DOOM (USA) – rock

    KHAZAD-DUM (Brazil) - black metal

    KHAZAD-DUM (?) - trance [also spelled KHAZAD DHUN]
    Come Together (12" 1998) [Time Unlimited]

    KHAZAD-DUM (Germany) - ?
    Side label of CCP Records.

    KHAZAD-DÛM STUDIOS (Spain) - black metal


    KING THEODEN (USA) - punk

    KINGSFOIL (USA) - acoustic rock

    LADY UNDOMIEL (Chile) - vocal

    LAMMOTH (?) - black metal

    LATHSPELL (Finland) - black metal

    LAURELIN (USA) - christian metal/hardcore
    member connection to STAR OF EARENDIL


    LAURELIN STRINGS (Scotland) - string quartet

    LEGION OF MORGOTH (Mexico) - metal

    LEMBAS (UK) - ?
    Lembas (CD ?) [self-released]

    LETHALECLYPSE (USA) - electronic: trance
    Smaug Factor (CD 2008)

    LOKI AND LEGOLAS (?) - ?

    LONEWOLVES (UK) - hardcore
    Carcaroth (CD 2009) [Thirty Days Of Night Records]

    LORD OF THE RINGS (Italy) - electronic: techno
    The Apparent (12" 1995) [Out Of Orbit]

    THE LORD OF THE RINGS COLLECTION (NZ) - traditional dance music
    project of Iain Boyd
    Dance arrangements for LotR themes.

    LORIAN (Germany) - prog

    LORIEN (Italy) - nationalist music archive

    LORIEN (Italy) - prog

    LORIEN (Italy) - piano

    LORIEN (UK) – ?

    LORIEN (?) - rock

    LORIEN (USA) – symphonic rock

    LORIEN (Czech Republic) – folk rock

    LORIEN (Poland) - gothic rock
    Lorien (demo 1996) [self-released]
    Lothlorien (CD 1998) [Venture Beyond Records]

    LÓRIEN (?) - pop rock
    Somnis immortals (CD 1998) [Dindi Records]

    LORIEN (UK) - alternative

    LORIEN (USA) - death metal

    LORIEN (USA) - rock

    LORIEN (USA) - prog

    LORIEN (USA) - indie

    LORIEN (USA) - indie

    LÓRIEN PATTON (USA) - acoustic

    LORIEN'S FALL (USA) - rock

    LÖRIHEN (Argentina) - metal

    LOTH LORIEN (Italy) - rock [HOT LORIEN]

    LOTHLORIEN (Sweden) – melodic black metal

    LOTHLORIEN (Sweden) - power metal
    The Primal Event (CD 1998) [Black Mark Productions]

    LOTHLORIEN (Italy) – prog
    Il sale sulla coda (CD 1998) [Lizard]

    LOTHLORIEN (Australia) - black metal [renamed BLOOD WITCH]

    LOTHLORIEN (USA) - black metal

    LOTHLORIEN (USA) - folk

    LOTHLORIEN (Germany) - eclectic rock

    LOTHLÓRIEN (NZ) - celtic

    LOTHLORIEN (USA) - world
    Lothlorien (LP 1980)
    Spaces (LP 1983)

    LOTHRON (Germany) - black metal

    LUGBURZ (Belgium) - black/death metal support site

    LUGBURZ (Germany) - death metal

    LUGBURZ (USA) - black metal

    LUMMEN (Brazil) - prog
    LUTHIEN (Columbia) - rock

    LUTHIEN (Italy) - metal

    LUTHIEN (Germany) - death metal

    LUTHIEN (Australia) - electronic

    LUTHIEN (?) - power metal

    LUTHIEN (USA) - black metal

    LUTHIEN (USA) - celtic folk

    MAEGLIN (Germany) - ?

    MALLORN (Netherlands) - hardcore

    MANDOS (Germany) - black metal

    MANWE (Russia) - eclectic
    project of Alexander Matchugovsky

    MARILLION (UK) – art rock
    Originally SILMARILLION, but forced to change for reasons of copyright.

    MEDIUM AVATHAR (Spain) - metal

    MELKOR (Argentina) – thrash metal?

    MELKOR (UK) - death metal

    MELKOR (USA) - black metal

    MELKOR (Croatia) - black metal

    MELKOR (Germany) - black metal

    MELKOR (Spain) - hip hop

    MELKOR (Switzerland) - black metal

    MELKOR (France) - metal

    MELKOR'S DISHARMONY (Netherlands) - metal

    MELKOR'S MACHINERY (Switzerland) - industrial

    MELIAN (?) - ?
    Melian (CD 2000)

    MELIAN (Argentina) - metal

    MELIAN (Switzerland) - rock

    MELIAN (USA) - rock


    MENEGROTH (?) - black metal

    METALHEAD (Poland) - speed metal
    The Iron Hills (demo 1999) [?]

    METAZOG (USA) - death metal
    Arresto Crebain (CD 2015) [self-released]

    METHEDRAS (Italy) - thrash metal
    THE MEWLIPS (Finland) – filk?

    MIDDLE EARTH (USA) - rock
    Former name of BOSTON.

    MIDDLE-EARTH (USA) - indie rock

    MIDDLE EARTH (USA) - psychedelic
    Bitter Sweet/About You (45" 1966) [Mutual]

    MIDDLE EARTH (USA) - punk [fictional band]
    Hotrock Surfer (CD ?)

    MIDDLE EARTH (South Africa) - celtic

    MIDDLE EARTH (USA) - psychedelic

    MIDDLE EARTH (UK) - rock

    project of Matt Silbert et al

    MIDDLE EARTH (?) - ?
    project of Strangio John et al

    MIDDLE EARTH (?) - ?
    World Jam - Wild Side (comp CD ?) [?]
  • Look Around

    MIDDLE EARTH (USA) - rock
    project of Dean Gittings, John Solinski et al

    Recording label "Named after the 60's underground club we went to at Covent Garden and the Roundhouse across the road (showing our age!), because we saw lots of psychedelic similarities."

    MIDDLE EARTH & AXE (UK) - psychedelic
    Middle Earth & Axe (1969-1974) (LP ?) [Kissing Spell Records]
    Side 1 is a 4-track demo from '69 by middle earth. Side 2 has 4 tracks from '74 by Axe plus 2 tracks by artists unknown from '71. Includes a version of spirits "i got a line you".

    MIDDLE EARTH BAND (USA) - middle eastern fusion

    project of Beth Leibowitz, John Laskey, Bill Thompson and Mike Sakarias

    MIDDLE-EARTH ENSEMBLE (USA) - middle eastern
    Middle-Earth Ensemble (CD 2004)

    MIDDLE EARTH FESTIVAL (Denmark) - psychedelic

    MIDDLE EARTH MOODS & SAGA SOUNDS (Denmark) - early music
    project of Miriam Andersén and Poul Høxbro

    MIDDLE EARTH MUSIC (Australia) - band promoters

    MIDDLE EARTH MUSIC HALL (USA) - performance venue

    Earthed (comp-LP 1970) [Middle Earth Records]
    Living in the Past [Jethro Tull cover]


    MIDDLE-EARTH REBIRTH (Australia) - folk rock blues

    MIDDLE EARTH RECORDS (USA) - record store in Downy, CA

    MIDDLE EARTH STUDIO (USA) - recording studio in Lafayette, IN

    MIDDLE EARTH STUDIOS (USA) - recording studio in Farmington Hills, MI

    MINAS ANOR (Switzerland) - black metal

    MINAS MORGUL (Russia) - doom metal [renamed OKTAGON]

    MINAS MORGUL (Belarus) - death metal
    "It should be mentioned that all band's members were a great fans of Tolkien and this is reflected in the lyrics of their songs. Nearly all of them touch the theme of Fantasy worlds or sometimes Scandinavian Heroic epos, creating a wonderful atmosphere."

    MINAS MORGUL (Germany) - metal

    MINAS MORGUL (Ukraine) - death metal

    MINAS TIRITH (USA) - black metal

    MINAS TIRITH (Sweden) - prog
    project of Svetlan Raaket et al

    MINAS TIRITH (Norway) - metal
    Mythology (CD 1993) [?]
    The Art Of Becoming (CD 1996) [Art Productions]
    ...Demons Are Forever (CD 1998) [FaceFront]

    MINAS TIRITH (Norway) - black metal
    project of Gonde (Frode Forsmo), Terje Kråbøl et al

    MINAS TIRITH (?) - prog?
    project of Rudo Jockin et al

    MINAS TIRITH (Italy) - rock

    MINAS TIRITH (Netherlands) – metal

    Minas Tirith Vol. One (?) [?]

    MINAS TIRITH (USA) - rock

    MINAS TIRITH (USA) - prog

    MINAS TIRITH (Czech Republic) - metal

    MINAS TIRITH (Italy) - electronic: symphonic

    MINAS TIRITH (UK) - prog

    MINAS TIRITH (Belgium) - black metal

    MINES OF MORIA (USA) - doom metal

    MINES OF MORIA (USA) - grindcore

    MIRKWOOD (UK) – prog underground
    Mirkwood (LP 1973) [Flams Ltd.]

    MIRKWOOD (USA) - psy-folk
    project of Nick Bensen, Mozart Rottweiler et al

    MIRKWOOD (Austria) – ritual
    solo project of Silenius (member of ABIGOR and SUMMONING)

    MIRKWOOD (USA) - college rock
    Ionic Spring Sampler (CD ) [Ionic Records]

    MIRKWOOD (USA) - acoustic

    MIRKWOOD (USA) - punk

    MIRKWOOD (UK) - rock

    MIRKWOOD (USA) - acoustic

    MIRKWOOD (USA) - punk

    MIRKWOOD (USA) - black metal


    MIRKWOOD SLIP (USA) - rock

    MITHRANDIR (USA) – symphonic prog
    For You The Old Women (LP 1976) [self-released]

    MISTER UNDERHILL (USA) - hard rock

    MR. UNDERHILL (Canada) - psychedelic

    MR. UNDERHILL (USA) - acoustic rock

    MITHRANDIR (UK) - metal
    Magick (7" 1982) [New Leaf]
    Dreamers of fortune/After tomorrow (7" 1982) [SVC]

    MITHRANDIR (UK) - metal

    MITHRANDIR (Sweden) – pagan black metal

    MITHRANDIR (Venezuela) - alternative metal

    MITHRANDIR (Austria) - metal

    MITHRIL (USA) - celtic

    MITHRIL (Germany) - thrash metal

    MITHRIL (Dominican Republic) - prog metal

    MITHRIL (NZ) - prog metal

    MITHRIL (Italy) - metal

    MITHRIL (USA) - indie

    MITHRIL (Sweden) - prog metal

    MITHRIL (Spain) - metal

    MITHRIL (?) - ?
    project of Billy Zoom et al

    MITHRIL (Belgium) - ?

    MITHRIL (Turkey) - metal

    MITHRIL FORCE (USA) - metal

    MITHRIL ON FIRE (Italy) - metal

    MITHRIL SWORD (Spain) - metal

    MOR DAGOR (Germany) - black metal

    MORANNON (Germany) - black metal

    MORANNON (Sweden) - black metal
    Uruloki (spilt-demo 1997)

    MORDAEHOTH (?) - black metal
    project of Draugluin et al

    MORDOR (UK) - metal

    MORDOR (Spain) - thrash metal

    MORDOR (USA) - metal

    MORDOR (Mexico) - metal

    MORDOR (USA) - metal

    MORDOR (USA) - black metal

    MORDOR (USA) - metal

    MORDOR (?) - ? [renamed FORGOTTEN WOODS]

    MORDOR (Germany) - ?
    Mordor (LP 1986) [?]

    MORDOR (Germany) - metal

    MORDOR (Poland) - prog metal
    The Earth (CD 1996) [Ars Mundi]

    MORDOR (Poland) – symphonic doom/death metal
    "Prayer to..." (CD 1997) [Arctic Serenades]

    MORDOR (Denmark) - metal [renamed EXMORTEM]

    MORDOR (Argentina) - metal [renamed AZEROTH]

    MÖRDOR (Spain) - rock [renamed ZENZAR]

    MORDOR (Spain) - ?

    MORDOR (Spain) - ?

    MORDOR (Russia?) - ?

    MORDOR (USA) - metal

    MORDOR (Germany) - black/death metal magazine

    MORDOR (Poland) - hip hop

    MORDOR (Indonesia) - death metal

    MORDOR METAL (UK) - eclectic

    MORDOR PRODUCTION (France) - ?

    MORDOR RADIO (Mexico) - metal

    MORDOR RECORDS (Russia) -

    MORDOR RECORDS (USA) - hardcore

    MORDOR RUIDO (Spain) - hardcore

    MORDOR STUDIOS (Norway?) - ?

    MORDOR'S CHILDREN (Norway) - acoustic black metal

    MORGAI (Belgium) - black metal

    MORGOTH (Netherlands) - electronic

    MORGOTH (Norway) - [renamed UTUMNO]

    MORGOTH (Norway) - black metal

    MORGOTH (Italy) -gothic electronic

    MORGOTH (USA) - black metal

    MORGOTH (USA) - black metal

    MORGOTH (Brazil) - electronic: trance

    MORGOTH (Nepal) - black metal

    MORGÖTH (Germany) - death metal [renamed FLESHCRAWL]

    MORGOTH KULTUS (Denmark) - black metal

    MORGOTH1986 (South Africa) - metal

    MORGOTH SORROW (France) - metal

    MORGOTH'S CALL (Spain) - ambient black metal


    MORGUL (Norway) – black metal

    MORGUL (Switzerland) - black metal

    MORGUL (Norway) - black metal

    MORGUL (Belgium) - experimental

    MORGUL (USA) - dark ambient

    MORGUL (USA) - black metal

    MORGUL (Brazil) - black metal

    MORGUL (UK) - death metal

    MORGUL (Mexico) - black metal

    MORGUL (Netherlands) - post punk

    MORIA (Algeria) - black metal

    MORIA (Bulgaria) - black metal

    MORIA (Canada) - prog metal

    MORIA (Ecuador) - death metal

    MORIA (Indonesia) - grindcore

    MORIA (Sweden) - thrash metal [renamed DYNAMIC]

    MORIA (Ukraine) - thrash metal

    MORIA (USA) - deathcore

    MORIA (Canada) - death metal

    MORIA (Brazil) - metal

    MORIA (France) - trip hop

    MORIA (Former Yugoslavia) - alternative rock

    MORIA (USA) - techno

    MORIA (USA) - rock

    MORIA (USA) - metal

    MORIA (Germany) - hardfolk

    MORIA FALLS (UK) – neo-prog

    MORIA (KHAZAD-DÛM) (USA) - ska

    MORIA RECORDS (Brazil) - metal recording label

    MORIQUENDI (Argentina) - symphonic metal

    MORIQUENDI (Poland) - rock

    MORMEGIL (USA) - thrash metal

    MORMEGIL (Venezuela) - metal

    MORN TAWAR (Germany) - nazi black metal
    project of Morgoth, member of RUNEBLUT

    MORNA MORGUL (Italy) - ambient black metal

    MORNINGSTAR (Finland) – black metal
    Rivendell (CD 1995) [MoonLight Records]

    MORTHIRIM (Sweden) - black metal
    Morthirim (CD 1998) [?]

    MORTHOND (USA) - ?

    MORWEN (Germany) - metal
    Morwen (CD 1997) [Brighten Music]

    MORWEN (Argentina) - metal

    MORWEN (USA) - alternative rock

    MORWEN ANCALIME (Canada) - vocal

    MOUNT DOOM (UK) - death metal

    THE MOUNT DOOM (USA) - doom metal

    MUMAKIL (Switzerland) - hardcore

    (?) - band promotion site

    MYRKVID (Norway) – black metal [formerly GOTHMOG]

    MYRKSKOG (Norway) - black metal

    NAHAR (France) - black metal

    NAN CURUNIR STUDIOS (?) - recording studio

    NAN DUNGORTHEB (Germany) - black metal

    NAN ELMOTH (Poland) - ?

    NANTATHREN (Switzerland) - celtic
    There and Back Again (CD 2004) [self-released]

    NARBELETH (Sweden) - psychedelic

    NARBELETH (Germany) - metal

    NARBELETH (Germany) - black metal

    NARCHOST (USA) - black metal

    NARCHOST (Czech Republic) - black thrash metal

    NARGATHROND (Russia) – dark ambient

    NARGOTHROND (Greece) - black metal

    NARGOTHROND (Iceland) - black metal

    NARGOTHROND (UK) - industrial/folk noir [renamed ALBERICH]

    NARGOTHROND (USA) - black metal [renamed NAUGLATH]

    NAROG (Australia) - black metal

    NARSIL (USA) - metal

    NARSIL (Italy) - rock

    NARSIL (USA) - death metal

    NARSIL (India) - death metal

    NARSIL (Croatia) - metal

    NARSIL (USA) - black metal

    NARSIL (Germany) - pagan metal

    NARSIL HEIL (USA) - metal

    NARSILION (USA) - death metal
    Narsilion (demo-CDR 2001) [self-released]

    NARSILION (Japan) - hard melodic prog

    NAUGRIM (Germany) - black metal

    NAZHGUL (Sweden) – black metal
    project of Gorthaur et al

    NAZGÛL (USA) - metal
    Hot Wind out of Mordor (LP 19??)
    NazgûL (LP 19??)
    The band and album appearing in Geroge R.R. Martin's book, The Armageddon Rag (New York: Poseidon Press, 1983) "…had a kind of Tolkienesque cover, hobbits cringing in the pastel underbrush while volcanoes belched red fire in the distance and the dark riders wheeled above on their scaly winged steeds." P. 17

    NAZGUL (?) - metal
    Under Blood Red Eyes (demo ?) [?]

    NAZGUL (NZ) - ?
    Good Demons (12" EP 1987) [?]

    NAZGUL (UK) - rock

    NAZGUL (UK?) - goth/industrial/electronic/avant?
    Habitual (12" 2001) [?]

    NAZGUL (USA) - rock [now the PETE KELLY BAND]

    NAZGUL (?) - black metal [now SAMAIN]

    NAZGUL (Spain) – nazi black metal

    NAZGÛL (Spain) - epic rock

    NAZGUL (Columbia) - black metal

    NAZGUL (Slovenia) - thrash metal [renamed NECROTIC]

    NAZGUL (USA) - death metal

    NAZGUL (Spain) - metal

    NAZGUL (USA) - hardcore

    NAZGUL (USA) - black metal

    NAZGUL (USA) - grindcore

    NAZGUL (USA) - black metal

    NAZGUL (?) - ?
    Ibiza Chill Mix: Night & Day (2-CD 2001) [Chill Out]
  • Distant Voices (?) [?]

    NAZGUL (France) - black metal magazine

    NÃZGÜL (Peru) - metal

    NAZXUL (Australia) – black metal

    NELDORETH (Croatia) - black metal

    NELDORETH (USA) - black metal

    NIENNA (Spain) - hip hop

    NIENNA (France) - celtic

    NIENNA (Chile) - metal

    NIENOR (Czech Republic) - black metal

    NIGHTFALL IN METAL EARTH (France) - metal webzine

    NIMBRETHIL (Belgium) - folk metal

    NIMBRETHIL (Czech Republic) - experimental neofolk

    NIMLOTH (Columbia) - metal

    NINIEL (Italy) - hip hop

    NINIEL (Germany) - folk rock

    NIRNAETH (Poland) – dark ambient
    Opus Nirnaeth (demo 1995)
    Haudh' En' Nirnaeth (CD 1996)
    Nirnaeth Arnoediad (CD 2000)

    NIRNAETH (Italy) - alternative prog

    NIRNAETH (Italy) - thrash metal

    NUMENOR (Mexico) - power metal

    NUMENOR (France) - black metal

    NUMENOREAN (Italy) - metal

    NUMENOREAN MUSIC (USA) - soundtrack label
    Subsidiary of NUMENOREAN FILMS.

    NURN (Italy) - black metal

    NURN (Norway) - black metal

    NURNEN (Germany) - black metal

    OAKEN SHIELD (France) - black metal label

    OAKENSHIELD (UK) - folk

    OAKENSHIELD (Germany) - folk metal

    OATH OF CIRION (Finland) – symphonic fantasy metal

    OH SO COOL NAZGUL (USA) - 2-step

    OHTAR (Poland) - nazi black metal

    OLD MAN WILLOW (USA) - acoustic

    OLD MORGUL (Finland) – black metal

    MIKE OLDFIELD (Ireland) – pop
    Amarok (CD 1990) [Virgin Records]
    Liner notes mention a "Glorfindel guitar" as one of the instruments used to perform the songs on this album.

    OLOG-HAI (Finland) - black metal

    OLORIN (Greece) - rock

    ON THE SHORES OF VALINOR (USA) - christian black metal

    ON TRIAL (Denmark) - rock
    "Our music has nothing whatsoever to do with tolkien, but our guitarist the Hobbit actually looks like one...

    ONCE NAZGUL (Australia) - alternative

    ORCRIST (UK) - rock

    ORCRIST (USA?) - black metal

    ORCRIST (USA?) - prog

    ORCRIST (?) - metal
    Orcrist (?) [self-released]

    ORCRIST - THE GOBLIN-CLEAVER (Norway?) - industrial, mellow synth-pop/techno

    ORK (Bulgaria) - black metal

    ORODRUIN (USA) - metal
    Orodruin (demo 1999)

    ORODRUIN (USA) - black metal

    ORODRUIN (USA) - doom metal

    ORODRUIN (Australia) - black metal

    ORODRUIN (USA) - black metal

    ORODRUIN (Brazil) - rock

    ORTHANC (Belgium) - power metal

    ORTHANC (Netherlands?) - metal [renamed THE COLONY]

    ORTHANC (Finland) – black metal

    ORTHANC (Russia) – war metal

    OSGILIATH (USA) - black metal

    OSGILIATH (Canada) - power metal

    OSGILIATH (USA) - black metal
    Osgiliath (demo 2007) OSGILIATH (USA) - metal

    OSGILIATH (UK) - black metal

    OSGILIATH (USA) - metal [renamed HAMMERFEST]

    Osgiliath (demo 2007) PALANTIR (USA) - electronic?
    project of Patrick Shannon McKiernan et al

    PARTH GALEN (Germany) - prog metal [now DREAMSCAPE]

    THE PIRATES OF MORDOR (USA) - hardcore

    QUENDI (France) - rock

    QUICKBEAM (Scotland) - acoustic

    PELENNOR FIELDS (USA) - black metal

    RADAGAST (Columbia) - metal


    RADAGAST THE BROWN (USA) - experimental

    RADIGOST (Russia) - ?


    RAUGZ AUGA (Sweden) - black metal

    "A collection of many (over 50) musical parodies inspired by the work of J.R.R. Tolkien. Some are in the vein of "derivative filksongs" and some are more offbeat, being the work of us Tolkien Eccentric Unusual Nut-Cases."

    REMMIRATH (Slovakia) - black metal

    REPRISAL (Italy) - alternative death metal/hardcore
    Where Heavy Gloom Dominate (CD 1998) [Voice of Life Records]
    Album uses artwork by John Howe and Alan Lee (front = Barad-dur; back = Helm's Deep)

    REPTILE (USA) - psychedelic
    Hobbitozz ... A Land That Never Was (CD 2015) [Cubby Control Records]

    RHUN (Germany) – metal

    RHÛN (Argentina) - metal

    RIDERS OF THE MARK (USA) - pop psychedelic
    The Electronic Insides VINTAGE SOLEMNITY (Turk And Metal Complexion That Make Up Herr Doktor Krieg/Gotta Find Somebody (45" 1967) [20th Century Fox]

    RIDERS OF ROHAN (?) - acoustic guitar duo
    project of Greg Rotiek and Mike Batzler



    RIDERS OF ROHAN (USA) - black metal

    RIVENDEL (Spain) - neo-prog

    RIVENDEL (Chile) - hard prog

    RIVENDELL (Spain) - folk

    RIVENDELL (Poland) - celtic

    RIVENDELL (Poland) - folk?

    RIVENDELL (USA) - celtic

    RIVENDELL (USA) - rock

    RIVENDELL (Japan) - irish harp & accordion

    RIVENDELL (Poland) -prog


    THE RIVENDELL PROGPAGE (Sweden) - prog zine

    ROAC (Iceland) - black metal

    ROHIRRIM (USA) - metal


    RUIN OHTAR (USA) - metal

    SAMMATH (Poland) - experimental

    SAMMATH NAUR (Poland) - black metal

    SAMWISE (USA) - ?

    .DOT (Netherlands) electronic: experimental
    Sára Celebrindal (CDR 2005)
    Title derived from an invented language called Noimúlac.

    SARUMAN (?) - black metal

    SARUMAN GRASS (UK) - prog [now JADIS]

    SAURON (Croatia) - metal

    SAURON (USA) - jazz?

    SAURON (USA) - black metal

    SAURON (Sweden) - black metal

    SAURON (Poland) - death metal

    SAURON (Poland) - black metal

    SAURON (Argentina) - metal
    Sauron (CD 1997)

    SAURON MUSIC (Switzerland) - electronic

    SAURON'S LIST (USA) - indie

    SCATHA (Brazil) - thrash metal

    SCATHA (USA) - black metal

    SCATHA (Scotland) - celtic punk

    SEREGON (Turkey) - epic doom metal

    SEREGON (UK) - thrash metal

    SEREGON (?) - ? [now RAVENSCAR]

    SHADOW_FAX (USA) - new wave

    SHADOWFAX (UK) - metal
    The Russians Are Coming/Calling the Shots (7" 1980) [?]

    SHADOWFAX (USA) – rhythm & blues/modern jazz
    Shadowfax (LP 1982) [Windham Hill Records]

    SHADOWFAX (USA) - metal
    Early heavy metal band based in Louisiana.

    SHADOWFAX (USA) - hip hop

    SHADOWFAX (USA) - experimental

    SHADOWFAX (Ireland) - rock

    SHADOWFAX (Ireland) - thrash metal

    SHADOWFAX (USA) - alternative

    SHADOWFAX (USA) - alternative

    SHADOWFAX (USA) - rock

    SHAGRAT (UK) - instrumental psychedelic
    project of Shagrat the Vagrant (Steve Peregrin Took of TYRANNOSAURUS REX)

    SHAGRAT (UK) - experimental

    SHAGRAT (USA) - rock


    SHELOB'S LAIR (Germany) - black metal
    Nightfall In Heaven (demo-CD 2000) [self-released]

    SHIRE (USA) – metal
    Shire (1984?)

    SILMARIL (USA) - psychedelic
    "Awash in fuzz boxes and acid trips, the dozens of other overlooked groups from the psychedelic era bear little resemblance to Silmaril. While others buzzed within the hippie epicenters of Haight Street and the Lower East Side, Silmaril formed in haunted, industrial Milwaukee. Other bands might have met at a love-in; Silmaril were friends from a Catholic youth retreat bound together by a doomed figure in the eccentric madman tradition of Syd Barrett, Roy Harper and Mel Lyman by the name of Matthew Peregrine. The Voyage of Icarus captures the dark, mysterious, and achingly beautiful acid folk & Christian themed psychedelic sounds that emanated from 1973's privately pressed album, Given Time... Or the Several Roads, and their dormant, unreleased follow up No Mirrored Temple. The Voyage of Icarus (locust 87) available 2007 on cd / double vinyl."

    SILMARIL (?) - rock

    SILMARIL CAFE LIBRO (Columbia) - rock

    SILMARILLION (Norway) - ?

    SILMARILS (France) – metal/fusion
    Silmarils (CD 1995) [Murrayfield Music]

    SIMBELMYNE (USA) - metal

    SIMBELMYNE (Finland) - prog metal

    SIMBELMYNË (Chile) - doom metal

    SINDAR (Israel) - metal

    SINDAR (Poland) - metal

    SIRANNON (Turkey) - black metal

    SIRION (Germany) - electronic

    SIRION (Portugal) - prog thrash metal

    SIRION STUDIOS (Amsterdam) - ?

    SMAUG (UK) - gothic/experimental [traxinspace]

    SMAUG (USA)- reggae

    SMAUG (USA) - experimental

    SMAUG (USA) - electronic

    SMEAGOL (Norway) - ?

    SMEAGOL (USA) - hip hop

    SMEAGOL (Germany) - metal

    SMEAGOL (USA) - hardcore

    SMEAGOL (Poland) - hip hop

    SMEAGOL (USA) - black metal

    DICK SMEAGOL (USA) - hip hop

    SMEAGOL AND FEZZA (UK) - hip hop

    SMEAGOL E L'URUKAI (Italy) - alternative


    SNAGA (Australia) - black metal

    SNAGA & PILLATH (Germany) - hip hop

    SNAGAH (Belgium) - black metal?

    THE SOFT MACHINE (UK) - psychedelic
    Middle Earth (CDR 1999) [bootleg]

    SOLDIERS OF SAURON (Iceland) - death metal

    STONE OF ERECH (Spain) - black metal
    Stone of Erech (EP 2008) [Folk Productions]

    STORMCROW (Italy) - black metal?

    STREAMS OF CONSCIOUSNESS (France) - doom metal
    project of Nazgul

    STRIDER (USA) - rock
    project of George Dussault

    STRIDER (UK) - hard rock
    Exposed (LP 1973) [Warner Brothers Records]
    Misunderstood (LP 1974) [GM Records]

    THE STRIDERS (USA) - pop

    STRIIDER (Netherlands) - ?

    STRYDER (South Africa) - power metal [formerly ARAGORN]
    Stryder (cassette 1992) [Inhouse Records]

    EL SUEÑO DE ISILDUR (Argentina) - prog

    SUFFERING SOULS (Germany) - black metal
    Lord Esgaroth, Gor Mordor

    THE SWIM TEAM (?) - rock
    Treebeard (CD 2010) [Hi-Scores Recording]

    SIMBELMYNE (USA) - prog metal
    Sojourn Year (CD 2009) [Ecology of Sound Productions]

    T-SNAKE (USA) - rave
    Middle Earth: The Rave (1996)
    "Brought on by T-Snake's love of a trading card game (Middle Earth: The Wizards) and Tolkien in general... we played the animated features:The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and Return of the King projected on one wall inbetween the two main rooms. One chill room had jungle and ambient, the other room, trance, acid and sheesh, don't remember. Justin Johnson was the only non Burlington DJ to grace us. Others included: Tricky Pat, DJ Prime, Ricochet, Puzzle(aka Aqua), Keith and Twist. Only $2 at the door and people were quite shocked at how fun it was..."

    TALATH DIRNEN (Poland) - prog

    TANGORODREAM (Ukraine) - black metal

    TÁRI-NIENNA (Norway) - pop

    TELPERION (Columbia) - metal

    TELÜMEHTÅR (France) - black metal


    TENGWAR (UK) - grunge

    TERRE DI MEZZO (Italy) – nationalist folk
    Terre di Mezzo (tape 1996) [Rupe Tarpea Produzioni]

    TERRE DI MEZZO TRIO (Italy) - ethnojazz fusion
    project of Simone Zanchini and Emiliano Rodriguez
    Terre di Mezzo (CD 2001?) [?]

    THALION (Canada) - power metal

    THALION (Brazil) - prog power metal

    THANGORODRIM (USA) - black metal

    THEODEN (Greece) - electronic: trance

    A THEORY OF AN ISOLATION EFFECT (USA) - alternative metal
    Live from the Gallows of Lothlorien (CD ?) [self-released]

    THORIN (USA) - folk metal


    THORONATH (Finland) – black metal

    THORONDOR (USA) - black metal

    TILION (Italy) - rock

    TINUVIEL (Norway) - prog

    TINUVIEL (Sweden) - metal

    TIRITH PRODUCTIONS (Netherlands) - trance

    A THEORY OF AN ISOLATION EFFECT (USA) - alternative metal
    Live from the Gallows of Lothlorien (CD ?) [self-released]

    THORIN EICHENSCHILD (Germany) - folk rock

    THORONATH (Finland) – black metal

    THE THOUSAND CAVES (USA) - recording studio

    TILION (Italy) - rock

    TO VALINOR (USA) - metal

    TOL ERESSËA (France) - hardcore
    Tol Eressëa (CD 2009) [self-released]


    TOL-IN-GAURHOTH (Bulgaria) - black metal

    TOLKIEN (Israel) - rock
    "If you can't change the world, why not make up one of your own? It's only as real as it feels."

    TOLKIEN (France) – ?

    THE TOLKIEN HEADS (?) - satire/parody
    Tower of Sauron
  • Dawn from inside the hollow willow
  • the tower of sauron
  • journey over dale and hill
  • ascension on sauron's domain
  • brief respite
    TOM BOMBADIL (Italy) - ?
    project of Pier Paderni, Rossella Cominelli and Marco Damiani


    TOM BOMBADIL FOLKBAND (Germany) - folk

    TREEBEARD (Canada) - alternative power pop

    TREEBEARD (USA) - folk

    TREEBEARD (Canada) - indie

    TREEBEARD (USA) - indie

    TREEBEARD (USA) - folk

    TREEBEARD (USA) - folk

    TREEBEARD (Greenland) - eclectic

    TROLL (Norway) – black metal
    project of Nagash, Glaurung et al

    TRZEZWY HOBBITY (Poland) - filk

    TSJUDER (Norway) - black metal
    project of Draugluin et al

    TURAMBAR (USA) - doom metal
    Turambar (CD 2005)

    TURAMBAR (Argentina) - metal


    TYRRANOSAURUS REX (UK) – acoustic, guitar and bongos
    project of Marc Bolan and Steve Peregrine Took
    My people were fair and had sky in their hair, but now they're content to wear stars on their brows (LP 1968) [Regal Zonophone]
    There Was a Time: Live at 'Middle Earth' September 23rd 1967 (CD 2001) [TREX ACTION GROUP]

    project of Rivendell et al

    UGLUK (Italy) – viking metal

    ULAIRI (Bolivia) - death metal

    ULMO (Switzerland) - alternative

    ULMO (Sweden) - rock

    ULMO (Hungary) - electronic: house

    UNGOLIANT (Spain) - black metal

    UNGOLIANT (Sweden) – black metal
    project of Witchking

    UNGOLIANTHA (?) - metal?

    UNHOLY MORGOTH (Brazil) - black metal

    UNI & HER UKELELE (USA) - pop
    Aotearoa - U Know, Where They Made Lord Of The Rings! (CDR 2011) [?]

    URUK-HAI (Spain) - black metal
    In the Side of Eternal Eclipse (CD 2001) [Battlefield Records]

    URUK-HAI (Spain) - black metal

    URUK-HAI (USA) - a cappella

    URUK-HAI (USA) - electronic

    URUK-HAI (Mexico) - black metal

    URUK HAI (USA) - grindcore

    URUK HAI (UK) - rock

    UTUMNO (Sweden) – death/power metal
    The Light Of Day (7" 1991) [Cenotaph Records]
    Across The Horizons (CD 1993) [self-released]

    UTUMNO (UK) - black metal

    UTUMNO (Sweden) - death metal

    UTUMNO (USA) - death metal

    UTUMNO (UK) - death metal

    VALAQUENTA (France) - metal

    Lair of Heloth (demo-CDR 2005) [Naga Productions]

    VALARAUKAR (Chile) - black metal

    VALARAUKAR RECORDS (Germany) - record label

    VALATHALION (Canada) - prog metal

    VALAR (Italy?) - power metal
    Valar (?) [?]

    VALAR (Italy) - black metal

    VALAR (Columbia) - celtic

    THE VALAR (USA) - eclectic

    VALAR MORGHULIS (Italy) - black metal

    VALAR MORGHULIS (USA) - acoustic

    VALARX (Norway) - electronic

    VALIMAR (Australia) - metal

    VALIMAR (USA) - death metal

    VALINOR (Spain) - power metal

    VALINOR (Poland) - black metal

    VALINOR (Italy) - doom with techno/psychedelic influences

    VALINOR (USA) - metal

    VALINOR (USA) - ?

    VALINOR (Australia) - folk

    VALINOR (Colombia) - metal

    VALINOR (Poland) - metal

    VALINOR QUARTET (USA) - eclectic

    THE VALINOR ELF (Indonesia) - punk

    VALINOR'S TREE (Sweden) - prog

    VANTAGE (?) - ?
    project of Gimli

    VANYAR (?) - alternative punk/grunge

    VARDA (USA) - electronic

    VARIOUS ARTISTS (?) - techno
    Songs for Luthien Tinuviel (CD ?) [Nashmeja]

    The Nazgul's Hoard (CD ?) [Nazgul's Eyrie Productions? Nazgul Magazine?]

    VARIOUS ARTISTS (?) - energetic melodic psy-trance
    Gandalf (CD 2001) [Ketuh Records]

    VARIOUS ARTISTS (Latvia) - fantasy metal
    Unto a Long Glory (comp-tape ?) [Elven Witchcraft]

    VARIOUS ARTISTS (UK) - psychedelic
    Acid Drops, Spacedust & Flying Saucers (2-CD set 2001) [?]
    Disc One: Down To Middle Earth
    Disc Two: Gandalf's Garden

    VARIOUS ARTISTS (?) - black metal
    Angmar Compilation Vol. 1 (CD ?) [Angmar magazine]

    VARIOUS ARTISTS (Australia) - rave
    Lothlorien: A Forest Rave

    Hollin (CDR 2000)[self-released]

    VINCI (France) - electronic industrial experimental
    Gil-Galad (cassette 1995) [Exprel]

    WARGRIDER (USA) - black metal

    WATCHER IN THE WATER (Canada) - black metal

    WEATHERTOP (UK) - folk

    WEATHERTOP (USA) - experimental

    WEATHERTOP PRODUCTIONS (Switzerland) - metal

    WESTERNESSE (USA) - rock

    WILDERLAND (USA) - folk

    WILWARIN FESTIVAL (Germany) - rock

    WITCH KING (USA) - black metal

    WITCH-KING (Australia) - rock

    WITCH-KING (USA) - death metal

    THE WITCH-KING (Albania) - electronic: symphonic
    "This is my new project, differently from my other project Lord Nazgul. I started this project seriously this year inspired by classical & ambient music, soundtrack themes, spiritual darkness parts of my labyrinth's mind."

    WITCH KING OF ANGMAR (Sweden) - black metal

    WITCHKING (USA) - rock

    WORMTONGUE (Philippines) - metal

    THE WRATH OF SAURON (UK) - eclectic

    YAVANNA (Germany) - pop

    YAVANNA (Italy) - world
    Yavanna (CD 2008)