(ŠAce Is Wired 1996)


Artist Comment: "Ace is Wired was a local band playing in and around Provo Utah between 1994 - 1997. They had a small but loyal following and released one album in 1996, recorded by Scott Wiley at Basement Tapes Recording. The two live tracks were recorded at a rented out warehouse right next to the recording studio, during a show that was set up for the explicit purpose of recording Treebeard, an instrumental track the band felt needed to be recorded live to get the right energy. Ace is Wired played around the various venues around BYU campus like Mama's Cafe, Pier 54 (later The Station), and The Armory. They also played a lot of house parties, every single one shut down by the cops. This says more about Provo than it does about the band... Ace is Wired was all about high energy and unpredictability... half punk, half prog, sweat dripping down the walls."