(ŠAGTSK 2008)

in the hallowed halls of the mountain king
where the harpers harped and the minstrels sing
in the darkness, darkness, darkness
there the dwarves did dwell in Moria keep
but they delved too greedy and they delved too deep
for Mithrill, mithrill, mithrill
they awakened a beast of shadow and flame
with a fiery whip and a fiery name
the Balrog of Morgoth
awaken the Blarog
summon the Balrog
of Kazad-dum

in the fiery depths of Kazad-dum
where the goblins lurk in the murk and the gloom
pounding drums in the darkness
there an evil spread full of fire and hate
from the silverlode to the dimrill gate
it gave power to a slumbering nightmare
O, their golden roof and their silver floor
their runes of power apon the door
could not hold back his fury
awaken the Balrog
summon the Balrog
of Kazad-dum

in an ancient age in a distant land
an evil warlord ruled with an iron hand
he rose beasts of war from the molten earth
their allegience sworn from their twisted birth
they razed every village while the children screamed
in Morgoth's name they ruled supreme
his dominion would spread and castles would fall
with a Balrog army at his beack and call
and though Morgoth fell, a general survived
with power to equal any wizard alive
an immortal furnace of malice and rage
under Carahdras he would sleep for an age
'til the evil above could feed his flame
and men would fear to speak his name
the Balrog of Morgoth
awaken the Balrog
summon the Balrog
of Kazad-dum