(©Anna Zhivilo 2002)

Lora meldanya laiqua tauresse
Suri laituvar elya findesse.
Caituvan hare, hlárala hwesta,
Intyala lorilye laiqua tauresse.

Palya ranculye salqueo calasse,
Hlara haye falmar verala falassen -
Verala tirie alquea cirya
Cólala oiale atanin alasse.

Hehta macilya - sere elenissen.
Tire i quilde elya melisse.
Hísie pella Isil Rómello
Anta silme. Lora meldo telpi alcarissen.


Sleep, my beloved, in green forest;
Winds will bless your hair.
I will lie near listening to the breath
Guessing your dreams in green forest.

Spread your arms in the light of grass,
Listen far away waves swearing to the shore
-Swearing to guard the swanlike ship
That always bears happiness for people.

Abandon your sword - peace is in the stars.
Your beloved guards your rest.
Beyond the mist the Moon from the East
Gives the light. Sleep, dear, in silver rays.

Translation provided by artist.