(©Riccardo Mecchi 2001)

Chosen to go, on the quest for gold
Leaving tomorrow, you may not return
To the door Dwarves appeared,
Leaving in two minds unclear.

Out of the shire, and into unknown,
Down the misty mountain path we must go
Captured by goblins, caught in stone
Trapped and wishing you were home.

Run through the dark, there's no way out
Gollum lives there, his cold evil stare
A game you must play, a riddle to escape
To win, your way out. Decide you fate

You found it on the ground (the magic ring)
"What's in your pocket?" My precious sounds
Running through halls Invisible you go
Through the huge doors, no sign did you show

Wandering westwards, a land far beyond
Met with your friends again

Time to continue, down gentle slopes
On to the home of Beorn

Look down the hill, Wolves gathering,
Climbing the trees so you wont be killed
Lord of the eagles, takes you away
Soaring so high, your life he did save.

Rest at the Home of Beorn
Tales of the journey are told
Wake after a good nights rest
Still marching on to the West

On the very edge of Mirkwood you stand
On by yourselves, through this evil land
Goodbye my friends I'll see you at the end
"Don't leave the path, No Don't leave the path"