(ŠAnglachel 2005)

No more peace
The evil in fight
Fighting the world
Fires of the fear
Shadows of the night
They reveal the death
One shine in the dark
Feel Anglachel

We hunt, across the hills and forests
With hate and honor, as starving wolves
The enemies will feel our revenge
With no way to escape
They are going to hell

With the flame of the hate in our eyes
We will destroy all enemies
With the force of the steel in our hands
We will free the world

A history, about a sword with great value
She will never love, by hand that it serves
In battles, it will show always glory
The warriors surrender
Reverence Anglachel

Coming from the skies
Sent by the gods
It is the might
A mortal sword
Creatures of the dark
Sent from hell
They will be crushed
By the power of Anglachel

The fight begin
Kill the evil... now!