(©Gabriele Manzini 2009)

You shall be king for many long years
You chose the fate of the men
Immortality is not what you search
An island in paradise

Many harbours you'll build around
And a great fleet too
Il?vatar blesses all things that you make
And Evil is long far away

The Eldar come with a gift for the king
A bud of Telperion
The holy tree in Armenelos
Nimloth will be his name

The Gates of the Morning, the edge of the world
Your ships see the dawn of light
Gods you'll be called by the men of the east
But like them you shall die

No, you shall not come West
The Undying Lands are forbidden to you
Go to the east and teach all the things that you know
The men over there live in anguish and fear

Sailors and ships will conquer the lands
Build mighty harbours in Pelargir,
Osgiliath, Lond Daer Ened
Eastern colonies, sparks of the west
The Middle-earth with wonder and fear
Welcomes the new Gods-in-men