(©Gabriele Manzini 2009)

a) The Faithful

Faithful's Army:
The King is gone to Sauron's will
Nimloth soon will die
The temple's huge, and black its smoke
And shadows walk around

The Faithful are far away
Isildur will try?

Save the fruit, no one will know
In silence he will go
A strong defence to save his life
The White Tree'll grow reborn

New hope for the Middle-earth
New reigns will begin

Ar-Pharazôn's Army:
The Tree's been killed, the temple's full
Black magic rules the land
Sacrifice your very life
To Melkor the real Lord

Power and madness
Immortal you'll become

b) The Faithless Ones

Númenor Citizens:
We are looking for a path
Or a glimpse of secret hope
Many men have tried to get to
Where all things never die

It's the time we have the day
We've been waiting for
They will die by that day
That holy day

Valar's warnings from the west
Like thunder they down fell
The harbours full of gold and black
Warriors crying their rage

The gods that cannot die
They will honour us
"The next blow shall be ours"
We shall win

Hoping and sailing we move to the west
Led by a man that gods can't control
The future has come so close to the end
Saying goodbye to the ones we love