(©Tareq Fayyad 2004)

Raising the flag of victory
With his face covered with ancient blood
After Revealing the demon inside
Tempted by hatred and fear
Drew his sword and surged into
The troops of the outspread enemy
Gather the remains of your furious hate
To slit the throats of all the disobedient

You are the oath applier
From the garden gates of the olds
Spread from the hives of the titan army
To disarm all the holders of the wasted flint

And clean the scene from all the unfit
Our blood is thicker than water

Gather for the banquet of the havocked, repressed, defiant, flesh...

Let me be the ally of your salvation
To free the sight of the faithful hade controllers
And lead the rebellions to insanely dig their own graves
And put up their own tomb stones

After revealing the demon inside
Tempted by hatred and fear

Temptation of oath