(©Tareq Fayyad 2004)

Time ago
Since the birth of history
The immortal race of warriors
Nested and spread in the land of endless
Paradise and wild perfection
Ages passed and the salvation spores
Grew and reached to erase the darkness
Enlightening the sword brothers to wage

Built the bond, nation and faith
That held the mighty powers
Rising steps in the awareness
Metal soldiers now will confront their first
And... Eternal enemy that shall wither
Against the mighty army strength
Brotherhood beast will butcher up your souls

The revival forces will rise
Inspired to grimace their blades of sorrow
And dark awareness shall appear
We will not let the savage reach out
To terrorize and dispense our heavenly land
Thunder and lightening will glow from our swords
To blind the invaders sight

Announcing the beginning of their death
Ceremonial, we have taken the back stab
From a dagger of our own
Betrayal is feeble and the final battle
Will silence the cruelty chains
Fires are feeding on our world

The battle cry
Roars across the sacred land