(ŠAvathar 2004)

And the black gate opens


the dark gate
to the blackest of lands
filled with fire and ash
the air is a poisonous fume
and death creeps near


all evil gathering
beasts and foul spirits
prepairing for the all ending war
dark might in hes dark tower
commands the enormous army

on the other side
the last ones to
stand against
the forces of mordor
an army outnumbered
laughing at the face of death
only to give more time to the ringbearer

in this place were light an shadow
once again collide
the doom of men is near
in this land the fate of the future is decided

as the black gate opens an army unimaginable
sprungs out with a fierce hate

not by force
not by strength of arms
can this horde be stopped
when the strongest faulter
and the weakest seek for shelter
in this hour of the wolves
when all hope is lost
the forces of darkness crumble
and fall with their dark lord