(©Barefoot Jerry 1975)

There was once a place in time and space called Middle-earth
where magic ruled and evil shadows filled the day -
the Ring enslaved them.
Now who can save them?

The hobbit took his squire and left the Shire
to bear the Dark Lord's precious
back to blackest Mordor whence it came.
This little halfling - what hope could he bring?

This was Frodo's greatest hour
to bear the awesome Ring of Power
back into the Crack of Doom
where Sauron forged it in the dawn of time.

The Ring could could only meet destruction in Mount Doom -
and not by mortal hands.
He knew the fate of all lay with him.
The ones he loved so he must let go.

Legends great and songs of old still tell
how brave and …..
the hobbit and his faithful friend
won through the walls of Mordor to the flame.

Into the Crack of Doom he cast the Ring,
and Men still talk and Elves still sing,
of Sauron's fall and great rejoicing,
the day that Frodo became a hero.


Watchin' TV/You Can't Get Off With Your Shoes On (CD 1997)
Dragons and Dreams: Inspired by Fantasy Books and Movies (comp-CD 2003)