(©David Hanus 2001)

We heard the horns in the hills ringing
The swords shinning in the South Kingdom
Steeds went striding to the Stoninland
As winds in the morning

Long now they sleep
Under Gondor“s greenful grass
They left in kindled war
Towards the Great Eye of Mordor

Grey now as tears gleaming silver
We cry for the renowned or nameless
At sunset foam dyed with blood flamed
Red fell the dew in Rammas Echor

In the outskirts, near Minas Tirith
The strikers prepare up for departure
Gimli, Legolas, Aragorn and Gandalf,
The brave sons of Elrond and Dśnedain...

...They ride by the valley of the Anduin
Passing Osgiliath after green Ithilien
Until reaching the Black Door
Hoping that the Bearer and Sam
Fulfil the Mission

The Éphel Duath at the front now they are
In the Crossroads they deliberate
To Minas Morgul or to Morannon?
Gandalf firmly advised
To the Black Door!!!

Next to the third day from the departure
A hundred miles separates from the Shadow
Save forever King Elessar
Three times at the day they shout

The long march continued, Nāzgul following
At the sixth day from leaving Minas Tirith
Before Kirith Gorgor
The forces are diminished by horror!

At the morning they get prepared
For being before the Morannon
[Gandalf:] "Show yourself Dark Lord of Mordor!!!"
The door's fold loud roared
Before the Black Liutenant

The Emissary of Barad-dūr
Shows up the elfic grey cape
It was from Frodo
The horror surrounds now to all
Gandalf takes it from him
Any covenant is denied!

The total ruin embraced to all
Frodo and Sam were now captured
At that dark moment one worse came
Orquish helmets sounded everywhere!

Mordor followers!
Started their announce!

From the Elrod Lithui
The troops were lowered
Nāzgul watching out, darkening the light
In an infected mist the Faith...
...went away!!!

A stormful proclaim emerged from incoming Trolls
The blood ran through the Morannon field
Pippin managed revenge for Beregond...!

...Killing the Great Lord Troll!
Arranging himself to DIE!

A signal comes, arrives from the upper skies:
Gwaihir the Eagle aids but the Destiny wants more!

The Ring faces the Orodruin in flames!!!