(©David Hanus 2001)

The loud din and the light
"Gondor, Gondor!" voices shout
Overwhelmed by the fight
The hobbits in Ithilien are

Arrows rain!
Signs of uncertain victory!

In Gondor“s garden
The battle is clarified
Gondorian soldiers reject
The Harad followers

In the shade of forests
The hobbits met the Captain

Faramir listened to
The weary wayfarers
Let the Quest may exclude his understanding!
For that shall be safe, just free them to follow
Their westward path that goes directly to Mordor!

The amazement is settled over them
A great Oliphaunt crosses the field
[Sam:] "Mumak! Mumak! Ah!"

The calmness renovates
For the doubts to be heard
May the Truth be in blindness!

The agreement emerged
Free from treachery and free
From the doubts!

They arrived until Henneth Annūn
And the water's veil anticipates the farewell
The Quest is still far from its end
But a new vigour encourages the Ring Bearer!