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The Grey Wizard, Maia Olórin
Who was born in Timeless Halls
From the first race of Ilúvatar
Spirit older than the world itself

Humble servant of Valar
Lived in gardens of Lórien
Higher being turned to flesh and blood

One of the Five Wizards
Came to help the people of Arda
To raise light over Sauron's might

Mithrandir, one of the august
The Grey Wizard beyond the sea
Chosen to carry his knowledge
For the mortal world so weak

Great shape of the spirit eternal
Fought thousands of years for peace
His way to defeat the darkness
His work, written in history

Gandalf the old wizard
Pilgrim from the Undying Lands
Great were his journeys in Arda
Journeys against all evil

The death of Smaug the Dragon,
Fellowship of the Ring
Slayer of Moria's demon
True gift from the halls of gods

After the duel in dwarven caves
The Grey Wizard rose again
In colours of radiant white
Now it's his time to ride
To the final fields of glory