(©Black Jade 2005)

This is the legend of long forgotten days
Of wars and the last big union, so tales
This old legend is torn in pain and got
Connected through honour and glory and blood

The moon shines gloomy through the mist of night
The wind blows groaning through the trees so tight
Fire flickering scary in the darkest night
Eyes like lights of death under star so bright

To forgive the curse, Eru was called
Prepare for the last battle, grind the sword
The pride of the army – motionless their look
Aware of the last night and the victims it took

Pale the sunrise behind black cloudy form
Protected by pale light – the beginning of the final storm
Screams of attack, rattling of the iron – black blood floats the valley bed
...and night comes over Neldoreth

For honour For Blood For Glory For Death