(©Black Jade 2005)

We still hold the bridge to the main gate
suffering great losses
but yet no enemy could cross the bridge
we fight grimly and offer fierce resistance

we push them back slowly, the bridge is free again
cold clanking of steel, we push them back into the land
full of fear they are trying to escape
but the arrows of the archers catch them

di otha faire
i rach anim tennoio
sére hir di gwanw
i súre di hón

dúath mere nin
hith arwa enya hón
le nallon si di nguruthos
a tiro nin fanuilos

like fire, our swords glow in the sunshine
arrows sing a song in the wind
spearheads plunge into warm flesh
axes broke on the enemies’ shields

we are in midst thousands of death enemies, blood drops still of our swords
spooky silence has turned in
no bird is to hear, no wind is to feel
something strange is touching us here

the evil has only taken breath
now it’s breaking doomed over us
then glaurung, father of all dragons covers his gloom over us
will this be the end?

fire, only fire can I see
the bridge of nargathrond is burning of fire
a fire wedge split our army apart
the flames are setting my friends on fire

glaurung has captured the fortress quickly
everybody died by then
no man could escape the flames
even the stones seem to burn