(©Black Jade 2005)

Dusty, dry and pale ard-galen lays ahead us
the old country is covered in black ashes

well hidden is our army behind the mighty trees
full bushes protect us from the sight of our enemies

dump the hammers roar in angbands caves
like black mountains the towers of thangorodrim rise into the sky
the three towers reach high over the clouds of the old world
ugly the fires grinning in ice-cold height into vardas face

rotten smell of rotten flesh
sulphur smell of volcano stones
sharp smoke of burned bones
ashes and dust on my skin

the besieging lasts already many winters
but morgoth and his servants are out of our sights

the shadow won’t fall any longer
soon the allied break at thangorodrim
100000 souls, men, elves and dwarves go their last way
with blank swords and sharp eyes will angband fall

taking by storm the great step, throw melkor from his iron throne
the orks are beaten, loud echoes our horn
the black ashes mixed with warm blood
but this does not take our guts