(©Black Jade 2005)

The waves beat cold at the shores of numenor
brightly elendil draws its path in the dark sky
gloomy blows the wind heavy fog from the west
my mind seems to stand still

horrible words were being spoken
sentences woven of evil shadow
born of pure envy
risen in hatred

lame is my heart
full of deep sorrow
no hope will there be
and this will be the end

with great fear i see what tomorrow brings
pale is the western light
no ship, no message has come
the gleam and my dream was broken

dark and covered in night
the ships are waiting in the harbours
manned with 100000 souls
a fleet to the downfall of numenor

a dark fleet devoted to the downfall
victims of morgoth, the earth is crying

i get on my ship, do not look back again
before the morning we’re moving east
ulmos waters carry me away, far away from here
carrying me to the new shores of erdas, after the world collapse