(©Bozar 1996)


Artist Comment: "Galadriel was made in order to reflect this kind of "uncertainty" that night often brings when walking in wild nature. Where we can all touch some sustained "magic", when all things seems possible and where everything in our daily life feels irrelevant. Essentially created to ornament a drum improvisation, this composition consists of a minimalist structure within which the melodic elements of the group express an ostinato theme harmonized in fourths. All rhythmic elements constitute the entire focus of the piece. The drummer uses an avantgarde "linear" technique wherein no component of the instrument is played simultaneously with another. There an original idea is developed over the sound of a cuica (a South American rhythm instrument) amplified through several digital processors so as to form an improvised micro tonal melodic line. On the "LIVE" recording by GaŽtan Pilon at Studio Victor, this piece is performed as a quartet."