(©Brainstorm ?)

We left Hobbiton
to go to the place
where the Ring was born
to stop the evil one
we had to make it melt

Then we met the elves
with their beauty and their songs
with them we spoke along
around the firelight
but then I fell asleep

No,the Black Horsemen
with their hisses
they are persecuting us
The ring I bring
is taking my whole soul
I have to resist
and not wear it at all

The old willow tree
caught Merry in the sleep
but Tom Bombadil
he just sang a song
and the tree released my friend

There's something in the air
the sweetest melody
I've ever heard
the sound of magic dew
this is Lothlorien wood

Gandalf,please help me
I need your true wisdom
I've lost you in
the dark Moria
I have seen you fall down
from the bridge
and now in the sky
I can't see the blue star

We are marching on, under the sun, against the wind
many days are passing by, since the day I left my land
Never we will stop 'cause we are driven by the fate
and always we will sing a song:
"...Now it's time to tell the death goodbye..."