(©Burning Shadows 2010)

Sworn here, in darkened haze
In the shadow of the stone
We pledge to you on this day
Allegiance to the throne
We fight till death at your command
As long as we draw breath
Riding fast, on to war
Lest rest we not by death

So the oath was sworn by men
Who would lay down their lives
The call to arms, fight and die
War before their eyes
To bring the final days
To the darkest of the lords
The last alliance made
They drew not a sword

Cursed to remain
(Haunted by the broken oath)
The oath betrayed
(Prophets cry the day will come)
Cursed to remain
(The rightful heir will soon command)
The oath betrayed
(This treachery will be undone)

Damned they are eternally
By the king in victory
No peace they’ll find
No rest their souls will ever see
Until their words, the sacred oath
They broke in treachery
Have come to pass, the oath fulfilled
To his coming legacy