(©Sebastián Caffini 2002)


Artist Comment: "Another instrumental, relaxing piece with a classic lineup of nylon guitar, drums, bass, piano and some strings. Main melodies played on woodwinds and a short bass solo. As a matter of fact, the only "real" instrument used in "Galadriel" (and in all my music) was my Modulus VJ-4 electric bass; everything else was sequenced, note-for-note and beat-by-beat, in Cakewalk's Sonar sequencer, which lets you load different sounds in different formats for the different parts. Since the only soundcard I can afford by now is a SoudBlaster Live! (yeah, I know it's quite crappy, but...) all the patches used are in Soud Font format. So, for "Galadriel" I used a couple of patches of acoustic guitar, a nice piano patch, a prety good drumset patch, a string ensemble patch and the french horn patch that carries the main melody (and my bass, of course!).