(ęCarcharoth 2008)

Descent into spheres of darkness Below the lights in the shrine of fire A bestial summoning to die The evil ground beyond the living The temple of eternal silence Within the ruins of Moria

Awakening of the beast Unleashed by the wrath of aeon The shadow over him stretched itself to gigantic wings Straightened up to his whole size From wall to wall

The manifest of fire Creation of pure malice The guardian of Moria Among the bridge of Khazad-Dűm In the lungs of hell

I lachel de █dun I aran de Naurhabar Ash fantur sui Belegost I beleg Balrog I beleg Valraukur

Oio morn nimmidannen I gardh Ash gir hithu lodannen min gwelu I Ithil u gţl Gwilith gonathannen I talath mi brag gwath █k min b˙rzum u Gothhaur