(©Carcharoth 2008)

Ai Kattach!

Forward Gruufhai! Gather your weapons to slaughter The fire of war will inflame The battles dawn in bloody shine The hunting wolves are coming to pray The grim wolf-skull, Grond Will shatter Tiriths gates Your fortress will change to your grave Feel the breath of infernal flames Morgoth, the primal force from beyond

GROND I ghāsh e-brag-dagor Galvorn grima e-warg Gūr e-fķrimair Zawag-gwaid

Dago in edain! Byakka! will sever their heads Arbach! will impale their guts Human blood will spread to the sky The voices of Tairach will burst out their brains We will lick human blood from their skin Eat enough from human flesh! We are the pain of the weak living Only death will ultimately reign With no mercy you will never find peace

GROND Dan Grond schadotha tīn fern rhaw E hīr I Gharyak

Carach Augren Bondz de Dagor-Bragallach Dam de Ūdun Kharrash de Morgoth