(©Carcharoth 2008)

In the world of ancient mankind A journey into the nightmare of existence begins Along the shadows of Ephel Dśath Forward to Carchost through the thieves of Mordor Over the swell of scares into the forgotten land I dwimor in edain

In the mighty breath of hellish lungs In the foothills of giantic vastlands The black hemisphere of the seven circled moons Evil signs of ancient spirits Frozen storms like a holocaust To see what chaos brings The legends of death Morgoth’s call to sacrifice

Behold the astral fortress Everywhere in time and place Far beyond but in your soul Melkor, Herumor agh Ilūater en I eithel e-morgūl Gurth-Rian en Dor Daedeloth

Athrad Morannon e-oio-dūath Nan būrz talath e-law-meth-naur Min gwatha tarmenel athan I cuiel agh I fern gardh Min morchaint en Morgoth