(©Carcharoth 2008)

Beyond the veil in darkness Amid of the restless ghosts in the mysterious empire The darkened land, the nothingness beyond the bone-fortified gates The old prophecy who announced the return of all evilness A terrible power, which brings all souls under their sombre reign To come in our world to bring dying The strengths of our ancestors get lost And the progenies are unprotect-delivered There´s coming darkness to ready the way for chaos The mankind´s dream is drenched in blood Only a whispering from their heart In this asylum where darkness is visible for everyone All the souls are mine...

Lacho Gothhaur! I hel alagos e-hrive I lû e-Narquelié Eru, Nandor e-calad Aratar, morn gîl e-Tarmenel Thio, hîr en avathar! Thio, Nurufantur!