(ęCarcharoth ?)

Descent into spheres of darkness
Below the lights in the shrine of fire
The evils ground beyond the living
The temple of eternal silence

Awakening - of the beast
Unleashed - by the wrath of aeon
The manifest of fire
Creation of pure malice
The guardian of Moria
In the lungs of hell

All evil surrounding
A place to defending
Collossus all-mighty
With horns like Barad

Within the ruins of Moria
A bestial summoning to die
The raging inferno creates
A torment - and all falls into descent

Uir morn nimmid gardh
Ash gir hithu loda u gwelu
Ithil u gil
Gwilith gonatha talath u brag gwath
█k u brag ghÔsh on b˙rzum