(©Carcharoth ?)

Ai Kattach!

Forward Gruufhai!
Gather your weapons to slaughter
The fire of war will inflame
The battles dawn in bloody shine
The hunting wolves are coming to pray
The grim wolf-skull, Grond
Will shatter Tirith's gates
Your fortress will change to your grave
Feel the breath of infernal flames
The primal force from beyond, Morgoth

Brag ghāsh de warg
Gur de blung-schwag!
Awa on grim

Byakka! will sever their heads
Arbach! will impale their guts
Human blood will spread to the sky,
Decapitation, fleshripping, mortification - into aeon oblivion
The voices of Tairach will burst out their brains
Only death will ultimately reign
We will lick human blood from their skin
Eat enough from human flesh!
We are the pain of the weak living

Wedsch uk lawasch on ūir barad
Angarei on tir Gharyak
Draga de brag warg

Schado fern rhaw!
Gadsch meathor on schado-schwong
Dam de ūdun
Bondz de Morgoth