(©Carcharoth ?)

"Once a time, they were kings
Great kings of the humans
Then, Sauron had given them the nine rings of power
Blind they took the rings with them … to survive
The strings after, they fall into darkness
Now they are slaves of Sauron
They are the Nazgūl...neither dead nor alive
To all times they feel the present of the ring
Driven by the power of the one
They will never stop to hunt you"

Unholy black riders from the ancient times
The undead guardians of the ring
Screaming ghosts of the night
Hunters from Minas Morgūl

Bśrzum - The unseen creation
Goroth - Gosta u gir
Nazgūl - In the sign of the open eye

"You can't hide...I see you"
The eye of grandeur
Fear-bringer and tied to eternity
From the twilight
Sons of Mordor
Ancient Kings of a once mighty era

Nine rings for mortal men doomed to die
One for the dark lord of his dark throne
In the land of Mordor where the shadow lie
-Ash nazg durbatalūk
-Ash nazg gimbatul
-Ash nazg thrakatulūk
-Ash nazg bśrzumishi krimbatul
In the land of Mordor where the shadow lie