(ęCarcharoth ?)

In the world of ancient mankind
A journey into the nightmare of existence begins
Along the shadows of Ephel D˙ath
Forward to Morannon through the thieves of Mordor
Over the swell of scares into the forgotten land

In the mighty breath of hellish lungs
In the foothills of giant vastlands
The black hemisphere of the seven circled moons
Evil signs of ancient spirits
Frozen storms like a holocaust
To see what chaos brings
The legends of death
Morgoth's call to sacrifice

Behold the astral fortress
Everywhere in time and place
Immortal creatures with the will to endless power
Far beyond but in your soul

Through the black gates of obscurity
Into the darkened plain of endless fire
In the dismal spheres beyond the living and the dead world
In the shadows of Morgoth

"Beyond the veil in darkness
Amid of the restless ghosts in the empire of Morgoth
The darkened land, the nothingness beyond the bone-fortified gates
The old prophecy who announced the return of all evilness
A terrible power, which brings all souls under their somber reign
To come in our world to bring apocalypse
The strengths of our ancesters get lost
And the progenies are unprotect-delivered
There's coming a darkness to ready the way for chaos
The mankind's dream is drenched in blood
Only a whispering from their heart
In this asylum where darkness is visible for everyone
All the souls are mine..."