(2001 Gary Hughes)

Shooting stars that fall beyond the night
Whispers start again as darkness falls,
And the Shire comes to life,

Softly tread the footsteps of the few,
Nothing is the way it was before,
Now the sign has come to light

You're the Key Grey Pilgrim,
I believe the answers lie with you,
Once again your counsel is our law

Come to me Grey Pilgrim,
I believe that all my dreams were true
Through the seasons changing
I wait for you

Part of me Grey Pilgrim
Is to be the trust I place in you,
Now we face this quest,
So much left to do.

Deep inside I know that you're still there,
My watcher on the road for you know where
Our paths will cross and when, as fate decrees
You and I will meet again and where you lead I'll follow