(©Chain of Dogs 2010)

Laughing and singing and dancin' and prancing,
the merriest folk of the shire and beyond.
They don't know what's lurking to put out their lights,
they will soon find out i will end their lives.

I am the hobbit killer, i kill the little fucks.
I am the hobbit killer, i hate the little schmucks.

Hobbits aren't cute, hobbits are food!

Burn the hair from their feet, while they're still alive,
I really hate the smelly little uptight pricks,
I torture and maim them, exterminate their tribes,
sell the flesh to the orcs, to roast on their spits.

Burn down their dwellings, destroy all their culture,
don't even bother to sell them as slaves,
kill all the monsters, leave them to the vultures,
genocide on hobbits, none will be saved.

I wait for them to come, from under their hills,
the ambush is set, now it's time for the pounce,
Take my time in torture, i take my time to kill,
I love their screams, the loveliest sounds.