(ęCharcoal Daeth 2006)

Hewn from ancient forest, a mighty Oak was felled to make Grond the battering ram fierce weapon against men. Forged in the darkness of Mordor by evil Orc hands, Its head a malevolent wolf. Made with grim steel, blackened with age and fire. Mouth ablaze with hostile fire like the dragons breath. Like the fire with which it was made, all hatred of living men this mammoth war beats.


Under cursed grim black skies, Trolls and Orcs march their war beast further across the green plain. slowly with grim determination they march forth. A slow pounding all around a dense sound emits, a pulse of evil and darkness. the sinister death tribe. Onward doom for those who oppose Grond and its legions of Mordor blackened filth with the mighty wolf head.