(©Astaroth Daemonum 1998)

Six roses of damnation
Thorns of oblivion, dreams unfold
Stars enlighten a darkened sky
Like reminders of ancient stories, still untold
As shadows dance through the landscape
The dreamy spires now grow bold
Like statues of gods once fighting autumn wars
The remains shaped in purest gold

Silver is the eye that sees it all
Reflecting its light on marbled stone
The beauty of night oppresses his thoughts
At once an eclipse darkens the halls
He wanders beyond the gates to their kingdom
Through cemetaries of dismal dreams and misery
The snow-covered mountains, so dark and cold
Lay hidden in the silence of a deathlike eternity

The smell of passion and gloomy romanticism
Laying of dusk-filled gardens:
Gardens drenched in the colours of temptation
But hidden in the music of the dead

The wanderer goes on and on
His kingdom will never be theirs, never
In bittersweet desire, grim and everlasting
Through all times he wanders, alone and forever.....

Wandering Cirith Gorgor
Walking the path to Gorgoroth
Wandering Cirith Gorgor
Walking the Path of the Dead

The lyrics are presented in all caps, so I am not sure whether the last line is intended to treat "path of the dead" as a proper name (i.e., Tolkien's Paths of the Dead) or not.