(©Astaroth Daemonum 1995)

Chapter 1:
The warrior's fight with the unearthly forces in the caves of death. The fight lasts for months and is challenging for both the warrior's physic and mental strength. Eventually he manages to resist the murderous forces of death. Hail to the immortal warrior spirit...

Dwelling in the caves of Ephel Duath
There lies his throne, drowned in anxiety
Worlds below got overwritten by the domains of silence.
(They lead us to) the crown of immortality

Shapeshifting images of misty morning battles
As you dwell through the eternal caves of death
Divine pictures (as) carmine litanies in reverse
Sons of dragons, perpetually cursed

Gazing in a dream of suffering
A midwinter tear's epilogue
Dwelling through ghastly chambers dark
Infinity passes in neverending cold

Scarlet dreams in nights to come
Misanthropy is our crimson reality;
A blood-red wire through infinity
Through veils as black as never before

Slumbering, the dreams are pale
One thousand eyes behold
As astral images pass in gloom
Unconsciousness reflects the reality cold

Dwelling in the caves of death
Thoughts show the manifests of old
As pictures drenched in candlelight
Arise to take your soul

Chapter 2: Epilogue
The warrior meets his enemies of flesh and blood...

...and through the shadowmountains we march
Towards valleys in dying grey
Fiery swords and blazing bolts
In battle, until that glorious day...


The text accompanying the chapter headings does not appear in the song as sung.