(İFierce Conviction 1998)

And she emerged from the trees, as a langorous breeze
In the shimmer of the stars, in the gleaming moonlight

Her mantel was shining in moonlight so light
Like shimmer on heights, a long time ago
In a time, In a time of forgotten dreams

There was a shimmer in the glade, and twinkling starlight
To the tones of a flute, to the song of the leaves
She was dancing in the haze, in the silver mist
From the mountains he came, and saw her dancing

Trembling starlight, the look in her eyes
Far beyond the beauty, the beauty of the spring
Immortal and raised above time and space
The looks of a goddess, an ethereal grace
She fell in love with a mortal man, Tinuviel

Long was the way that destiny gave to them
Over stony cliffs so cold and so grey

Through halls of stone, muggy woods
Molten streams, magic mist
Agony and the frozen winds of sorrow

She choose to be a mortal like Beren her loved
They were separated by, by the wide sea of life
But they met at last again
In the twilight so blue
It's a long time since we've heard
About their song of sorrow and pain