(İCrom 1987)

I'm watching you so lonely in the night
Feelin' how your soul comes to my mind
I search for the answer
Search for a sign
I'm watching you with fears in your eyes
I want to be with you in the dark

Crossing oceans and crossing skies
Praying the days and walking
The nights - you've broken my heart
You've broken my mind

In the night you're always
Waiting lonely, Galadriel
No more tears and no more cries

We'll never fall again

I'm looking for you, I'm looking to die
Can you give me a way
To leave all my own?
I'll reach the stars for you
I want to fly away

Crossing the gates of death
Galadriel, wait me in your hell
Life is beginning again
Galadriel, wait me in your death

Above the ground I can see your soul
flying high, Galadriel, crossing
one more time the gates of heaven
Praying your gods, and askin' their
mercy for him. He, who is waitin'
alone, who is searchin' for his
death to be with you, cryin', and
shoutin' your name, your sacred
name... Galadriel!

And now I'm here with you
Remember things we did
We'll stand together
We'll stand to the end
No cries, no tears
No pain, no loneliness

We'll never fall again...