(©Crowned 2012)

Darkness comes early, to the voiceless woods
The air grows heavy under the canopy of trees
The brooding silence of the woods is bottomless
It becomes menacing as days meld into one

Creeping in the shadows of gnarled trees
Twisted earthly formations, foreboding
The days growing darker and darker
It is the summoning of a storm

And in the far distance you can hear it booming
Crashing, life fierce waves on jagged rock
The earth quivers under foot
And the air pulses in ear

My heart is pierced, yet I carry on
The stillness and gloom are absolute
This is the only way
This journey is coming to an end

The sun vanishes completely once again
Only abyssal black night remains
Defied only by deafening horns
Ominous and thunderous they sound