(İCruachan 2006)

Evil incarnate from the depths of night,
a monstrous creature that hungers for light.
Corrupted by Melkor to do as he says,
this hideous spider, unwillingly obeys.

Telperion and Laurelin shone brightly this night,
these trees of the Gods, created for light.
All around Valmar shone silver and gold.
Melkor seen this and his grew cold.

Over the fields of Valinor she came;
the fear of Melkor drove her insane,
to the mound where the trees did grow.
Melkor struck both with a mighty blow.

Their sap poured forth as if it were blood.
Ungoliant drank as fast as she could.
All across Valinor darkness did reign.
Their evil achieved: the trees lay slain.