(İCruachan 2014)

In his fight against the enemy
Beren fought hard and strong
Against the dark lord Morgoth
And the hellish Morgul throng!

He was forced to flee the battle
When his army was destroyed
The Elven realm of Doriath
That is where he did arrive.

There lie saw a female elf, in the woods of Neldoreth, such beauty he had never seen.
He called to her "Tinuviel", when they met they fell in love, her father would not be so keen.
"To win my daughter Luthien, bring to me a silmaril", this was Thingol's quest to Beren.
"I accept this perilous task, I shall journey to Angband, I swear you will see me again"

He journeyed to Nargothrond, a vast Elven stronghold
Ten warriors joined him on the road to Angband
Neath the shadowy mountains and disguised as orcs
They were observed by Sauron as they crossed his land.

Sauron's forces attacked, they tried hard to resist
They failed in their struggle and were captured by him
On the isle of werewolves many died by these beasts
Beren survived but his chances seemed grim.

He did not know that Luthien, had secretly been following,
And she came with Celegorm's hound
The hound killed ail the wolves in sight, Beren ran into the night
And would try his task once more
Luthien was by his side, and toy came to Morgoth's throne
A magic spell then made him sleep
Beren seized a silmaril Morgoth wakened from his spell
A giant werewolf then appeared
It bit and swallowed Beren's hand, the silmari! burned Its Inside
It ran off in agony.
The two lovers both escaped, and returned to Doriath
The tale had softened Thingol's heart.

He allowed their union, though Beren's task was not fulfilled
Beren left to find the wolf.
And find the wolf is what he did, but the wolf had gone insane
Beren died but did prevail.
The silmaril had been retrieved, but at great a consequence
Luthien and Beren died.
But Lord Mandos did feel grief, restoring mortal life to them
They would live as one again.