(ęDagorlad forthcoming)

Take me highroads through the hills of Scotland
Lead my stride to a brand new world
Hail this dreamland where the clouds are dancin'
On a Caledonian Carol
My mind deranged from the real
I'm the giggling weird
I dree my weird
'cause I'm the weird, hey
I'm the crying giggling weird
Take me to heaven
Start your journey through the feyish realm
where elves are singing an' Nessies smile
I'm a wandering hobbit, I'm a ramblin' hero
Wayfairing the fair
We're the last resisters on this filthy wasteland
Just take your courage an' follow me
I deny their mass-thruths, I don't trust in progress
Fantastic arrow shot in the dark
Fantastic bows that shoot in the dark
I take my fate an' dive in the night